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This 1m video from StealthGamerBR has maybe the best aim I've ever seen—that bit starts at 40 seconds.

It's difficult for me to appreciate that sort of thing because I see that and more every day. Unfortunately, it's my co-op partner doing it, not me. Some time I'm going to get Guido to play a shooter and record it. It looks unhuman. RE8 has flying things much harder to hit than those grenades (they are faster and changing direction quickly), and it's just BAM BAM BAM BAM almost as fast as the gun can fire.

lol I'll have to stop talking about him soon. He's off to college in a few weeks *sniff*

Just 4 days to Remnant 2, the sequel to one of my top 3 shooters of all time (Titanfall 2, Remnant, and Strange Brigade). The original was called the Dark Souls of shooters and had absolutely fantastic boss fights.
We played some Remnant 2 today. Game is amazing. Levels are masterly. Combat is fantastic. We've only done 2 bosses so far, but both were elite good. Even the regular mobs are fun. I died 5 or 6 times, but you are supposed to die a lot. But it isn't frustrating when you die in Remnant games. There's a puzzle and a pace to the combat that you know you can get correct if you just try again. Plus, there's no punishment. You just go back to the last checkpoint, and you get to keep anything you had found.

As I've said countless times, I don't like shooters, but these games are special.
Been playing Remnant 2 as well and its easily one of my top favorite 3rd person looter shooters too. I say its Dark Souls meets the baby of The Division and Outriders. The game looks gorgeous first off, even if theres a lot of red overtones everywhere, its procedurally generated areas are varied and detailed and almost everything can be broken for scrap.

The ai is good, you can be swarmed easily if you are not careful, which i dont mind. The sound effects are great, from shooting, bullets hitting and the music crescendos when a heavy enemy starts coming toward you, and the difficulty is perfect. Im playing solo atm and the 1st difficult setting is just right for a solo player. I can only imagine how much more fun the game is when adding 1 or 2 more players. My wife will be picking it up this week so well go from there.

Remnant 2 is also one of those games that doesnt have to have you reset the game when you change graphics settings. Its so fluid, you dont have to save anything, you just back out of the menu and the changes are applied. So thats a great perk to me.

Theres more i can say but if youve played any looter shooters this is a MUST.

Edit: Also wanted to add that yes, when you die you dont lose anything which would probably make my experiences with DS more enjoyable, im glad i dont have to go back and grab stuff, the game is punishing in its own ways other than somethin so benign as having to re-collect your things.
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Played an absolute ton of Remnant 2 today. Played for a few hours by myself and then hooked up with Guido to continue our co-op campaign. The fact that I can run an adventure campaign with my main character and not mess up our co-op campaign is awesome.

We had one boss where Guido kept dying because whenever the boss got close to him his PC would start hesitating, which is pure death in this game, but after he changed his graphics settings the frames cleared up, and he didn't have anymore problems.

I'm trying to convince him to change his main weapon, but it isn't working. If you are a crack shot like he is, you need a slower, super high damage gun, but he's having fun with a full automatic gun that does hardly any damage. When he's able to use his weapon mod that puts a fire proc on it, it's awesome, but the rest of the time it's very meh.

His using that weapon is allowing me to shoot more things, though. He takes them down to about half health and then I finish them off with my long gun. As a team it kind of works, actually.

These maps really play to our "I can make this jump" gene. We each died several times from fall damage :ROFLMAO:


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I have tons of new retro shooters waiting to be played and I decided to pick... Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour. :LOL: I haven't played Duke for 25 years or so. It's a very nostalgic trip to the past. This edition has improved lighting and rendering, but has a serious problem with input lag when V-sync is on. There's no in-game option to turn it off however. I had to disable it in the graphics drivers and... another issue appeared. In extremely high FPS weapon light flashes that appear when shooting turned into blinking bars. It looks very bad so I decided to turn back the V-sync on and cap the framerate one frame below the screen refresh rate. This eliminated most of the input. There are very subtle microstutters due to the differences between monitor refresh rate and actual FPS, but it's barely a problem. :)
Got to play with Guido this morning, as his classes haven't started yet. I'm going to cut a fairly long story short (a first for me) by just saying we were in a boss fight, and I went down, and Guido came over to revive me, but ate me instead. Just another weird moment in a supremely weird game.


After you reach a certain point, you can pick a secondary class. My main class is the Medic because, well, I take lots of damage. For a second class, I initially picked the Handler who has a dog companion who draws aggro, deals damage and will attempt to revive you when you are down. I decided to test the revive, and he just sat next to me and stared at me. After looking it up, I discovered that he only revives you if Handler is your primary class.

So I decided to switch to the Engineer, who gets boosts to armor and can set down turrets. That's pretty fun.

There are so many options in this game for your loadout that I just now (27 hours in) decided upon my preferred weapons and weapon mods (until, at least, I get more options). I was using a sniper rifle as my main gun, but I've come to realize that my machine gun has too many advantages not to use it. I've put the Bore mod on it, which creates a weak spot on the enemy. The mutator on that gun gives escalating bonuses to critical, which is great for a weapon that shoots that fast.

On my pistol, I'm using the machine pistol that you get off of the freighter in The Ward. My mod on it is "Hot Shot", and it does tremendous damage. It's really the only pistol worth anything that I've found so far. The mutator I'm using returns 20 percent of my spent ammo, which is nice.
I've caught up my SP Remnant 2. Unfortunately, the way the game works, I can't progress in my SP campaign (Adventure mode) until I go further in my co-op campaign, so I guess I'm done for awhile. Could just start the Adventure campaign over, I guess.
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I got to play with Guido last night, and I was shocked and saddened to find us standing at the gate to the final boss. It went so fast! I don't want to be done. I want 200 more hours!

Fortunately, replayability is huge with this game. There are a good number of worlds and a bunch of bosses that we haven't seen. We'll just "reroll" our campaign and head out again.
Well, we rolled a new campaign world, raised the difficulty and started over, but I may need to take a break for awhile or wait for DLC, as my enthusiasm for Remnant 2 took a hit after we beat the final boss.

It's not the game's replayability that is the issue. I just feel like I'm done since I watched the credits roll. Also, the first world of the reroll was my least favorite world. I could always reroll again, but we just quit and played Techtonica.
This is going to seem counterintuitive, but I have uncovered the secret to playing Remnant solo, and it is this: never upgrade your weapons. When you upgrade your weapons, you increase your character's power level. When you increase your power level, the game gets harder. And the way this seems to work is that it gets exponentially harder the more you level your gear so that going back to the starter area can even be a challenge.

Meanwhile, you can get more powerful and have the opposite result by leveling your traits, buying better armor, crafting mods and finding treasure. None of these seem to impact your power level, so you get stronger and the AI remains the same.

I'm not 100 percent sure this strategy works long-term, but I'm using my new character and second playthrough to test it. I'll post my results.

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Playing a little Shadow Warrior 3 at the moment, but have mixed feelings towards it. I like the turn to a more fantasy/colourful art direction, but the level design is a massive step down form its predecessor - it's just endless arenas with the occasional parkour challenge.

Thankfully it's only about 6 hours long, with a bunch of new weapons introduced as you progress, so it doesn't overstay its welcome too much!


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