Geforce RTX 4060 8GB, or the Geforce RTX 3060 12GB?

Sep 23, 2023
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Hey, I've been thinking about upgrading my PC because I've used the same parts for 3 years and thought it might be time for something new. I already plan on getting a new processor as well but I don't know which of these two graphics cards are better. I'll leave links to them below. Any help would be great, thanks

Dumb Q time, at your service:

What about those games which spec 12 or even 16 VRAM—which I'm wildly guessing will become more common—wouldn't it matter there?

@KaptinCroft Welcome to the forum :)

What is your main uses of the PC, and assuming some gaming, what kind of games and what kind of performance levels?
Its not a dumb question, it does bear explanation.

Based on what I've seen the 3060 doesn't have enough power to utilize that much VRAM. By the time it was using that amount the performance would degrade to the point where you would need to lower settings, which therefore would lower VRAM use. Perhaps if games come out that require more than 8GB for minimum specs in the next few years, but then we are talking crystal ball time. (Link to the Ray Tracing charts because its worse case for VRAM use.)
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16gb is also a waste on the 4060 but only as it doesn't really use it all that well due to its cut down bandwidth.

I didn't suggest either and looked on website for alternatives, but their choices of AMD were limited... compared to Nvidia anyway.

that article was early, it missed a card
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