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Looks at Asus... wonders... why is this so bad.
his example: Say you want to swap the insert key and del key positions on keyboard. Easy to do, just swap the keycaps.
  1. you select Insert key and choose reassign function
  2. There is no drop down list of functions, you press the key you want the new function to be.
  3. So now Insert = Del
  4. Next you want to rename Delete to be insert
  5. Select Del key and choose reassign key.
  6. Press Insert key but its already been assigned Del.
So you get 2 del keys and insert is gone forever?

this way is dumb, It should have a drop down list of all possible keys so you don't get stuck in a position where you can't swap 2 keys. You lose functions

I don't have any way to confirm this has been fixed in 9 months.

So the 2 keyboard makers that sit on top of almost all Keyboard ranking charts have bad software. I pity people who don't look... at least razer are fixing Synapse.
There are a lot of posts here I'm not reading, so if this has already been mentioned, my apologies, but that keyboard comes with software called Armoury Crate that I'm 99 percent positive has drop down menus for the keys. And if you somehow mess it up, you press and hold the FN key and Escape and it resets it to factory.


I'm in the market for a new keyboard, but I'm not getting a mechanical keyboard. I keep weird hours and my wife would lose sleep if I were down here banging away on a mechanical keyboard.
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@Colif The battery is doing pretty okay:whistle: I have not charged battery since the last time I posted and I would say I am waaaay above average when it comes to hours spent each day on the computer.
I can recomend the g915 aswell, I have a TKL version and ,apart from my first one that got replaced on warranty, I have not had any latency issues with mine. To be fair i sit less than 1m from the reciever mostly.

Edit: Don't go for the white version though, dirt shows realy clearly so you have to like clean it with a toothbrush every day:(
Not wanting to jinx myself, I hopefully won't need a new keyboard for a few years now. Its battery life isn't even comparable to the logitechs but it has other features they don't that I saw as beneficial. The only things I can't replace in the new one are the battery and the circuit board that controls it all. Not that I am likely to swap that much. But I could.

I wasn't sold on the switch type on logitech... i think that was reason I stopped looking at them. I saw one logitech keyboard that only needs to be charged once every 8 months. So it wasn't battery, thats for sure.

It got really confusing. Lack of sleep and watching keyboard videos for 5 days in a row, I started to forget why I rejected some things.

I haven't had a wireless keyboard in 20 or so years, so that is probably main reason I didn't see battery life as that important... I probably will next time. I will wait and see.

I almost got an all white Corsair keyboard

I won't tell you what mine looks like... you will see :)

not a gaming keyboard
well formatted link

who needs a monitor when you can watch your keyboard? Whats that? your hands get in the way? stop complaining.
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I got new keyboard


noise comparison.
lets see, i can hear the keys but thats about it. no other noise from this keyboard. its not as quiet as a dome based one but it makes way less noise compared to my last one
I may get it even quieter once i get used to it. probably don't need to hit keys as hard... its not feather touch like the optical switches can be.
i like the spacebar, its a dull thud.

I need to swap 4 keys out as its got Mac keys on it. One day, I know what they are so no rush
i had it in mac mode on windows, it sure is confusing.
  • Screenshot key was bringing up file manager
  • the button that I thought was Win key showed search
  • One of the alts was right but other one showed start

As long as screenshot works. Take me a while to remember where delete key is.

Probably need to turn off some of its rgb, its full xmas tree right now. Charging it... might get longer usb cable, its not the biggest I seen.

the switches i use to swap between mac & windows are black writing on a black kb, i can hardly see them. Its never changing now but it was a struggle.

has 3 different ways to change the rgb and its a little confusing. Managed to turn them all off but I wasn't sure how to get some back. Did factory reset to get them back. Understand more now but still not sure about one thing.

turns self off after a minute to save power. wakes right up if I start typing. I wonder if the time on battery only includes while its actually being used. In which case it might last longer over all than just 10 hours. As its not often I type constantly for 10 hours...
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i think a ten hour charge might last me about a week.

Managed to turn them all off but I wasn't sure how
I wish I know how I did that as there isn't an easy way to turn the halo light off. People have asked... I accidentally did it and don't know how. People who don't understand systems can often make them do things they not meant to.

I have worked out most of the lighting.
each different way controls a different aspect.
  1. One controls backlight - I have it off
  2. One controls the effects that happen when you type
  3. One controls the power light - I have this at darkest setting. I can press a key combo to display my actual battery life. Might as well save battery and not always show it. PC will start flashing red when its under 30... I think, might be confused with another one.

None control halo which is why I don't know how I turned it off.

Wifi sometimes doesn't wake up when I start typing. Apart from rgb and wifi, I don't have any problems with this so far.
Managed to turn RGB strip off. This time I know how. I had been overlooking one function key combo that lets me change its color. Its now gone... mostly. I am currently charging mouse and the corner it plugs into is in a breathing pattern, showing a green glow. I assume its because its charging.

Also paired it to Bluetooth instead of wireless as its adapter isn't amazing. I kept losing signal. Its only thing I have on Bluetooth so it should be better. I do have a wireless mouse now. Flashbacks to why my last 5 keyboards have been wired.
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just discovered the keyboard I bought has already been replaced by company who made it.
they made a new one which supports VIA which is software used to set keybinds...
it also supports more RGB software - as the one I have to use is so bad I just use the keyboard based patterns
More color choices for keyboards - but currently none have same black/white keys I have grown to like.
More rgb patterns...
Seems to use different keycaps now.

But still same Battery life and same Wifi so it doesn't really improve in any areas I really would like. If it had 5ghz wireless it might be better. Oddly I found out 2.4ghz has longer range but my keyboard seems to drop off Wifi all the time, so I use Bluetooth.

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