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This is what happens to the world when Geralt isn't around!

My alter ego in Witcher 3, always getting Geralt into trouble so he can take sweet screenshots!
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@Zloth I did have some fun relaxing on the sofa while putting out the grill. Really cool that they implemented that possibility. I did spurt some water at the pool, but it did not overfill. I planted some corn seeds in the pool, but either they did not grow (they were actually in good health) or someone stole them. After having the pool outside of my base for two days, only the inflatable animals and beach parasol have gotten destroyed. I like to believe that some people have had some fun at pool:)
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Just started playing Disco Elysium - The Final Cut and went with high intellect and psyche with an extra point in conceptualization. The conceptualization skill is so fricking hilarious as it basically makes your character go totally apeshit about how he sees the world and how he really wants to express his thoughts in some kind of creative way. As an example from the very begging:

The character you are playing doesn't really know his name, but he suddenly gets this feeling that the name has definitely something to do with color and smell, which he of course uses in a conversation:
I feel bad for my partner Kim Kitsuragi, as I make him uncomfortable in just about every conversation I have with other people.


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