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If you look closely, you'll see a whole trader zone filled to the brim with beans. Why? Because people need some beans in their diet. I tried my best to make each can stand upright, but the Dayz physics works in mysterious ways.
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Final Fantasy has a spell called Toad (or sometimes Frog Song) that will turn characters into toads. Remake went further with the effect, making special models for all the characters. (I was quite surprised by that, given how rare the effect is!)

Toad Barret, complete with sunglasses:

Toad Tifa in suspenders and black skirt

Toad Yuffie with star and headband
It's just good advice

This is when you nail the landing… or is it the other way around :unsure:

I told you earlier in the week that…

…and some of you went off on social media—TwitChat, FaceGram, etc—that the bar was really low on that, since pigs barely party at all. I hope this'll larn y'all not to doubt me in future

PS @Zloth see those suckable beauties? No more doubting, k?



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