Diablo 4

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Its not exactly playing the game
It probably usually isn't when chasing more extreme achievements. To beat Deity difficulty in Civ4 you had to play against the game's programming, not against whatever starting scenario you were dealt, eg:
♣ Research techs to trade, not for your needs—ie take path usually ignored by AI
♦ Found early cities towards opponents' locations, rather than where they'd most benefit your growth
♥ Give in to all diplomatic demands
♠ Adopt religion of most dangerous neighbor
♣ Keep math charts handy to min-max various activities
… and so on.

It was mostly the same on Immortal difficulty too—that's the 2nd-highest diff. I never saw any point in chasing it.
realistically, its tame in comparison to say Portal or the more recent Doom speedruns, they are mostly playing game as intended and not breaking out of the world to beat stages faster.,.. they would if they could. if your aim is to beat game as fast as possible, it makes sense. I just don't like how they did it, strongholds shouldn't be repeatable but as long as you log out before doing last step in them, the game doesn't know you were there. Logout and go again.

it remembers your progress on character but not in dungeons.

Its taken me a month to get a character to point it could do tier 4 entry dungeon... if blizzard buffed its attacks somehow. As it stands the gains seem to have stopped. Either Blood and shadow need a buff or bone spear needs a meeting with the nerf hammer.

My new necro is using shadow. She started as bone spear but I just don't like it.

I never realised necro was going to be a ranged class.
So the game starts reminding you at lvl 48 to do the tier 3 dungeon. I listened last time and finished it at lvl 52 just to discover suggested level is 53. Why tell people so early when its still 5 levels before it makes sense to go ahead.

My new necro went on a stronghold destruction tour, took out 4 of them at lvl 47. I mainly went for ones that either I haven't done before or had portals. I did one of the ones in the video as it has a portal.

So i guess it does help if you look at the names of unique items you get, I thought these were another set of gloves. I didn't even look when I put them away, only tonight did I notice.

my first non class specific unique that isn't a ring everyone gets.

Odd inconsitency. You can salvage the gloves to get their appearance,but it doesn't show on any of the other uniques I have yet. WHY only gloves? Sure, I don't need chests appearance (I have it in the runic set) but I would love the weapons.

My alt necro went from acting innocent around dead things - It was like this when I found it/...to being lvl 52 looking at the tier 3 quest. She isn't in a rush. Its hard to find a good 1 handed weapon when you sold them all in the last few weeks. Level 50 weapons don't exist in tier 2. She needs to get into tier 3. Or wait until 54 and get the weapon my last character had that carried him until late 60's. Its 2 hander but she only needs shield around ranged enemies. Certain dungeons would be fine. Way more DPS.

No whale bosses in game as yet.

I like the coasts in this game, some of the areas are nice and peaceful... until you get attacked.

She was using minions as her shield until level 50, and swapping to solo and swapping to Tier 2 at same time left her feeling like a pin cushion for every ranged monster out there... my other 3 in tier 3 constantly heal self with main attack, She doesn't have luxury and I wasn't happy with needing to use potions all the time. So she is my 1st necro to use a shield in about a month. Most have used 2 handers up until now. The first one after lvl 50 - she wants a better shield but its okay for now.

She mainly survives on the 12 life on kill on the weapon. Stops me needing to use potions as much. Aim is to kill them as fast as possible. I do auto heal outside combat but its in that is the dangerous time..

She is even capable around bears and bulls but she prefers not to fight them. She rushes the flying insects, they still try to shoot but I just smash them. The block on the shield sure helps. There is also an ulterior motive, I am hoping game gives me the one unique I don't have on necro and playing 1 handed weapons might be the way. DPS is lower than 2 hander but she is much tougher now, and is starting to enjoy the new build. She is like a tank except she hits things with magic, not weapons. Her scythe never physically hits anything. I basically shoot them pointblank with a shotgun and blow rest up with corpse explosion. She is looking forward to using "Howl from Below" as they match her build. The boots might help her too.

Ranged still shoot but its less a constant drain. The skeletal warrior archers from Grim Dawn have finally shown up.

She also found the hands to my fav set, lucky they don't look as bad as I suspected

I originally suspected every part of this set looks like a unique. The feet likely look like the boots I got, not sure about helm though. I thought it looked like the https://www.wowhead.com/diablo-4/item/harlequin-crest-609820 but it seems not.
I thought hands would look like the other ones I noticed in bag today. Glad they don't... i thought they would look more skeletal.

Not ina rush to salvage hands but it will happen eventually so I can share their look around.

Only missing the boots for the "set" now. Its more a style I guess. Current ones just aren't right.

Glad I cleared the strongholds before Tier 3. I had forgotten one and wasn't expecting the boss I had to fight. Another I didn't even look to see what was there, I knew there were bears in it though... 2 today had bears.
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Almost all of the gems are pointless outside a few of them. I stopped collecting diamonds, I have too many red ones. I used to use in weapons, now its blue or green.

Pre season patch nerfed Bone spear builds. I am glad I swapped latest from bone spear to Shadowblight as they buffed shadow damage. She is less stressed taking on anything now (Mainly as she has 54 life on kill) as long as they drop a corpse I am good to go. Groups are better than one target for that purpose.
Bone spear needed a nerf as almost every necro used it. That smelled like a trap to me.

Added a few new uniques and aspects. I already found one of the aspects.
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Is there any do's and don'ts for starting out?
You only get 4 slots in the bank total so if you pick a class and stick to it, that space might be enough. Game doesn't really like people collecting anything really... besides gems. They are meant to be changing how gems are stored as its difficult now.
If you try to play two or more classes, I wish you good luck with juggling storage... I have a bunch of characters who never leave the bank.
Enjoy yourself. If you haven't played it yet

New patch made all the areas way more packed with monsters, you can't do any quests now without them interrupting. I didn't like it at first but it makes some easier as you don't have to walk around entire zone to get the numbers you need.

Whispers appearance and timers seems odd. Some areas just don't get any for ages. I had first thought they were resetting faster but I realised they just have different timers in regions. Its funny, I find Hawazr easier to play in that any of the desert areas. Undead are everywhere now. I can do without them.

one of them broke for me earlier, the thing you deposit souls into refused to work. I tried my usual answer, log out and try again. Still refused so I just gave up. Then next hour that type of quest didn't show and I thought character was busted. Its shown since but they rare... the quests i like most... rest of them don't give 3 points apart from if they do a dungeon. Up until today the open world was easier than dungeons. Now its even hard to just ride around some areas.

Nightmare dungeons seem about same. If anything, the fact you can control the enemies lvl means its easier.
Helltides - all monsters 3 levels ahead of you now, unless you lvl 70 in tier 3. then they capped to 72. I would take my lvl 70 into one and see if I can get of the new uniques but then they be his lvl...

New character is now lvl 54. Not sure when I am meant to start Tier 3 now. Completed T2 at 53, went into T4 just to find every zone apart from 1st city show as lvl 55 now. So went back to T3 but thats too easy. I did notice its still showing 55 at lvl 54 so it could be you meant to be 55? They need to fix the message that tells people to do T3 dungeon to maybe lvl 50 then? It starts showing at 48.

She trying to do whispers but the staggered schedule and lack of some events in some areas making it slow. Need to get gear and glyphs/sigils. Game is as usual offering bad sigils. I am selective about which ones I will do and which I just sell ro recycle.
So far only one was good enough to run and I ran into my usual dynamic duo - Treasure Goblin & Butcher. I just warped to town when I saw Butcher. I just didn't want to know... then I thought, stuff it, I let him kill me but on return he was gone. So I just do that from now on... run away. This character isn't built to tank him, especially after changes to character defences in current patch - people were surviving too well. Guess only death I have had so far is to The Butcher... so they have a point.

The butcher has nothing I want. I don't want his Cleaver, I am not melee. Rest of time he just gives crap unique items I already have a few of each of now. Pass.
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Aug 3, 2022
Is there any do's and don'ts for starting out?
Play on second dificullty, not that much harder than the easyes but more fun (imo). Don't rush, you wont finnish the main campaign in 5 houers so don't try but do focus on the main campaign and don't go off the rail with sidequests to often or you will never finnish the main campaign :)
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Drop rate for Tier 2 was increased in new patch so might be a good idea. Current character only spent 3 levels in Tier 2, I forgot to change her right away when I hit 40.
respecced and changed tier at same time. Trial by fire. Then next day they released patch and every monster thinks you their lunch now.

Cursed chests can still be solved by holding down button for corpse explosion and moving cursor around the endless pile of new bodies. I should take a screen shot next time to show the end result - so much money lol.

upgraded shield with a sacred one, while playing in Tier 2. Game decided it wanted to replace it... so here are drops from one run... not subtle game - it should be happy, I am actually using a shield.

Yes. there is a big gap - I might crop that out later.
any do's and don'ts for starting out?
Yep, the elephant in the room is: "Don't start." :p

Otherwise, depends on the level of pain you enjoy. Near future, now and last few weeks is for those who enjoy the intense experience. Game has many bugs and imbalances—as reported earlier in this thread—and is being changed daily or weekly to try and mitigate the problems.

If you prefer pain that doesn't require multiple surgeries and long-haul rehab, wait a few months or years until the devs have finished making the game. Keep an eye on player reviews and accounts, but favor recent ones as those should highlight the recent state and progress along the Now State to Not Mess axis.

If all you need is a dull nagging ache, wait for it to become non-broken and play on Easy—it is an RPG, that can't be salvaged, so there must always be pain.

Otherwise, depends on the level of pain you enjoy. Near future, now and last few weeks is for those who enjoy the intense experience. Game has many bugs and imbalances—as reported earlier in this thread—and is being changed daily or weekly to try and mitigate the problems.
Compared to some games released this year, its a masterpiece. It works out of the box, no patches needed to make it function. Sure, it has problems but name a game released recently that doesn't.

Compare Gollem to Diablo 4.

Rebalancing is needed when QA didn't really seem to test it besides that game works. Testers who aren't players may not get as far in a few weeks as the audience have. The devs didn't expect people to finish it yet... this happened in Diablo 3 as well. The high flyers got the attention and now everyone else gets the pain.

They change things on the fly when problems are found. They have been known to make changes within hours of a patch.

The monster minimum lvl in tier 3 is 55 now, which explains why everywhere is above my level at 54. But once you go past 55, their levels don't keep pace with you so its only at lvl 61 that they go to lvl 55. It beats the feeling of not getting any stronger ever.
Tier 4 minimum is 75 now.
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Compared to some games released this year
See if you can get someone to help raise that bar off the floor—people averse to pain might stub their toe, and then all Theme Hospital would break loose!

it has problems but name a game released recently that doesn't
How would I know? I'm not du stu current enough to be familiar with such. But those less blessed say Vampire Survivors—I can get you a load more if necessary, I have contacts at the asylum.

They change things on the fly when problems are found
This is good, and one of many reasons to not be du stu a marketer's dream when buying games. I'm not sure, but I think Blizz has a rep for eventually getting a game playable for the lesser-pain market—which as said is a good thing, especially for those who don't want to replay the game multiple times.

Btw, totally enjoying your narrative, reminds me of one of my favorite short stories from back in the day ;)
Keep on keepin' on and havin' a blast—I'm secretly jealous :)
This is the outcome of a cursed chest + corpse explosion


I have seen it more cluttered, the room size comes into play too.,

I salvaged all the drops I picked up. Have to avoid some as otherwise spend too much time in town selling it.

Season 1 starts today, I might play in a few weeks once they fix all the problems they currently don't know about.

That depends how many people are left on Eternal (non season) as it is pretty empty right now. It might be the time of day too.

I wonder what he did

Game isn't telling
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No, that is all the items from me trying to open a cursed chest and having to fight off waves of monsters for 1 minute. Those are the drops from the monster, I hadn't opened the actual chest yet. Its often better to just ignore some chests in dungeons, same goes for shrines. People think... a buff, but often you have to fight off waves of things just to use the shrine after a minute. Not worth the time.

OH look, the unexpected bugs

Funny, no queue problems on Eternal realm, I was starting to think I was alone on there but seen a few people still.
Only problem I had was I got to end of one dungeon and it wanted me to kill someone... who wasn't there. I looked...

Rest of them seem to work..
Game already given me the following unique items
2 x Bloodless Scream - the two handed Scythe and
2 x Howl from Below (Gloves, worse versions of what she was already wearing. She has really good ones, most have lower values on them.)

She tried the scythe for one fight, didn't like the damage she took and went back to shield/1 handed scythe. It does more damage than her one hander but the chance to block on shield was more tempting. Not having to use a heal potion after every fight helps. She has also since then got some health regen for when she out of combat so she slightly less concerned about ending a fight with less then 100% health. Main priority is keeping essence at max as bad things tend to happen when she low on the ability to fight back.

She would prefer either the 1 handed Unique scythe or the new shield. Not anything else really.
Okay, maybe the boots but she can wait for the ones my 70 is wearing

Scythes have a life on kill bonus that is helping her stay topped up in fights. Its main reason she is ignoring swords even if they do more crit damage. Have to balance attack with defence, going too heavy either way can have negative consequences. No point being hard to kill if you can't kill anything or take too long. My Blood necro was almost in this spot. Blood surge needs a buff. ALl they did in patch is make it heal for more... it needs scaling damage. My Blight necro probably needs more dps but she in the part of paragon tree that will help there. SHe has all the right aspects equipped. Just missing one that I can't give her until after 65. I haven't seen it before then.
Helps I don't have to hit things to achieve the life on kill, as the deaths caused by Corpse explosion keep me alive.

Corpse explosion feeds me both life and mana for every corpse it feeds off... the gloves make the corpses into missiles. I don't actually need to use main attack unless something survives missiles or there are no corpses yet. Very few things die without trace... mainly insects... although one did drop a helm earlier and I wondered how it was hiding it.

Example, one of the many ones I have, not best ones. Need to write down values of each and see which to dispose of.
All I need is one corpse and I can target it and start the domino effect of creating more by shooting exploding skeletons that on impact spread a blanket of more death. Shooting around corners helps when some of the insects that shoot pellets at you are really good to avoid. Empty room before entering it. Its so much fun. My other necro enjoyed using the gloves but had better options for that slot. This build guide says use these gloves.

Seems I do have the Runic boots but they weren't what I was expecting. After skeletal appearance of chest, rest of set is sort of dull.
My quest to kill knights was made somewhat easier with the new rotation of what Nightmare dungeons are offered, last night i killed many knights. 5000 doesn't seem that far off.
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They changed how monsters level scales in the open world (outside helltides and legion/world boss).

If you are in Tier 3, and below lvl 55, all monsters will be 55.
If you level 55, they are still level 55
if you 56, they still 55
Its only when you hit 61 that they go to 56.
So all monsters after that are 5 levels below you... until you hit tier 4. where it sort of repeats

In tier 4, minimum monster lvl is 75
if you lvl 75, they still 75
when you hit 81, they are 76

So it makes it feel like you progressing but I also see it as a way to diminish the need/want to do whispers after certain scores as the open world just isn't rewarding any more. Thats a shame as its a nice change from doing dungeons. And up until now, you could still get uniques from them that were useful. If they all lower tier, only place to get good drops in Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons.

Curious if that applies to quests as really, just leave the harder ones until you 5 levels ahead of the monsters and walk over them. You still get same rep rewards.
I got the gloves again, I didn't notice until I was looking through inventory.

Two ways to see the Eternal server now.
1. Its really empty and if you want to play with friends, make a season character. Everyone seems to be on there.
2. If you bought Diablo 4 and wanted a single player game, now is time to play on Eternal as I seen 4 people all night. You only see them in town now. I can't answer for what its like prime time in USA.

@mainer should maybe look now. You can pretend its a single player game now and not be awoken from dream as much.

If you hadn't played before the last 6 weeks, you won't notice a difference really.

There is really only some content having more than one person can help... fighting the Helltide Commander comes to mind, though me and a lvl 59 Druid seemed to manage before the update made them harder. I won't be trying that again on new character for a few more levels. Currently 60.

I am doing Nightmare dungeons to stop myself being reminded of 1. I only made 2 friends in game so far and I have yet to see anyone from DXChase's clan I am in. All of them are playing season

I might delete my one non necro character and play season... soon. Depends how much 1 annoys me. If I had more bank space I would be playing now...
Got gloves 3 times, sold 2 of them. Easy to compare against best I have since I am wearing them. Most recent ones been half its values.
Game gave her the first copy of the unique chest so she following the pattern. So far I am getting all the bad uniques. There are only 7 necro ones, and I seen almost all now. Just two I want are the ones I have yet to see.

I am officially Batman

Knights used to be hard to find, now they almost only thing I see in Nightmare Dungeons. This new choice of dungeons is rather boring. At least they fast, can finish them in about 20 minutes (give or take shop visits to empty my bags.
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The next new patch they adding ONE new tab to bank slots... One? Its a start but four would be better.

The system is half baked. You can rename and recolor tabs now but these tabs should be categories, not just one page. that is what I thought it would be. That is what Last Epoch does. You can pay for more pages and put them under the categories. Its not a new concept... not having space for storing anything is a new concept... in a game about collecting items. Where there are 6 levels of gems you collect... where do they go? What about the keys for nightmare dungeons?

What is point of renaming a tab if its highly difficult to keep the right items in there, with so little space to shuffle.

They increasing the space for elixirs to 99. I didn't hear about the idea of making a new tab for Sigils as that would make sense - could be why I didn't hear it.

It might be enough to let me start a new character on season... but I think season characters get one tab they can bring back onto Eternal server at end of season? I am going to have to start to see how that works. I don't know what they have access to.

They restricing space each time. If not told to stop Diablo 5 would just have one character slot. Who plays a game more than once anyway?
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So today on the quiet server.

At times it was almost crowded

But I only saw people either at exit of dungeons or town. I really don't see point in whispers now until tier 4. The monsters being 5 levels below are no challenge... I feel 5 is too many, think 3 is enough.

Was a very cold day when it came to unique items.
I got these again

But they don't really fit my build
Neither do these but I still wore them when I got them

I don't know if they help a lot but they look cool

I think the achievements game shows me for others are the season ones. The non season server needs an update maybe?

They need to take into account numbers on the Eternal server... I don't know if many world boss attempts will be made.
I can't tell what the number of people playing is.
It doesn't really matter if all we doing is nightmare dungeons anyway. Current character going to do them until 75 and then think about tier 4 fight. 10 more levels of 15 minute dungeons... not a lot of choice otherwise. Whispers feel like beating up a paper doll. Everything being 5 levels below you means there is no challenge... Bears used to be scary, now they just puppies.

Every time I go into a helltide the first thing I see is the guys that explode... its getting annoying. They charge and explode... I shoot them before they see me if I can. So I just don't bother doing them... I need to for mats. Might send my lvl 70 in for some farming. Every dungeon I collect sacred rares to salvage for mats. But there are some things I have to get from Hell tides. Used for upgrading gear to lvl 5 or altering stats on sacred/ancestral gear.

Oh The Butcher killed me again tonight. I wish he would find someone else to kill. Or pick on. I was in middle of a fight already. So glad he isn't one of the end bosses in dungeons. Most of those are easy, though at tier 14 they starting to not be push overs. Tomb lord anyway. Some I have worked out a way to do them so far. There aren't many, some only show in certain places.

Funny, Game gives me a sigil to a place I couldn't do yet. Had to open up a Stronghold to access it. I do dungeon, it hasn't sent me there again. It wasn't an amazingly hard fight really. Wonder if Strongholds and quest mobs use same stupid scaling as rest of game... probably.
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Blizzard fireside chat: we don't want Nightmare dungeons to be end game... well, apart from getting to 100 and beating Uber lilith, they are only other real option. Guess seasons act as a distraction from there not being a real end now.

Perhaps I will wait until they add it. Shame game is still too much fun.

When you select a Nightmare dungeon, it puts you outside the dungeon and you have to click it.
It can get confusing - especially if you forget you start outside. I was doing one yesterday and was amazed at how big it was and so many different types of monsters... and it had a town in it... then I realised I was in the open world and hadn't actually started dungeon.

I somehow did another one yesterday that wasn't a nightmare dungeon. I thought I was doing one, but it got to end and no reward. Then I look on map and its showing the icon on another dungeon. I really have no idea how that happened as I only follow the icon on the map after clicking a sigil.

they seem to have fixed the one I did where I got to end and there wasn't a jailer to kill to drop key to proceed to next area.

Cold boots create an aoe area around me. When you start outside a nightmare dungeon you set to a nuetral state, but the boots agroed a monster who wandered too close.

I liked the open world, you could level a character and hardly ever go in a dungeon. They nerfed it too hard, its no fun anymore. No challenge. Admitedly it only starts after 55 but its still grinding on me. I do a whisper now for a break and 10 minutes later I am finished. Only real reward most of the time is handing in the quest and experience gained, rarely I use anything it offers.
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So I am following a build guide and it was changed on weekend to account for the new changes. I didn't notice until tonight - I had a glyph at rank 14, and I was checking to see what should be next. Well, the one that is rank 14 was the first to be levelled, its now 4th... It is because they drastically nerfed vulnerable damage, as almost every build had to have it to do any damage. Now I have started levelling up the one that should be first now... its rank 12 now, so it didn't take that long.

Rank 15 extends the reach of the diamond space a glyph can interact with by one square in all directions - refer the red shaded area below. The glyphs go into the red circle and power/enhance the other choices. I was so close but then the glyph I was levelling isn't actually in use yet. It was so important it needed to be first, before ones actually being used. Now the order makes more sense. The one I am levelling is in the red circle below so I get an immediate benefit though not a massive one as its first page of paragon tree. There is another page above it and two more I don't have yet.

It gives me something to do while I hope game gives me another unique I haven't seen before. I just made a new weapon upgrade but its not worth a photo. I did get a unique tonight but it was just a ring I have at least 3 times now.

I have almost 1k of a crafting material I have been down to 8 on before. Need to do helltides now for another material. I just don't feel like them most days.
I have stopped salvaging everything apart from legendaries, I was always just selling them. I have 36 million gold, no use for it at moment. Back to where I was before I upgraded all my gems at level 70 on another character. Took a week or so.

I am being picky in what I upgrade to, 720 item power is break point for items between sacred and ancestral, so if you find something around 710 item power, you can upgrade it 5 times and make it item power 735 and maybe get an amazing item out of it. Nightmare dungeons mostly seem to drop 600 range which means lots of salvage. It might also be the level of the monsters, but the bosses have been 2 levels ahead of me most of the time. None really making me work yet. New weapon is 711. Best item I have rolled a 719. Most of my equipped gear now is close to or above 700 so its tough. I wanted to swap to sword but game isn't offering me anything amazing.

Helps I am doing tier 18 nightmare dungeons. I will try a rank 19 tomorrow. I have to go into Tier 4 to get any higher than tier 20. Getting tired of the same locations, at least the list of dungeons is longer in Tier 4.

Leaving trying to get into tier 4 until maybe 74. If lowest lvl monster in Tier 4 is 75, no rush really. I doubt I get any help as all the people I know are playing the season. Shame I started this character when I did... she fun... and chances game give me same aspects on a new character are questionable. Probably should take over all the strongholds before I do. Some I have done on other characters... just a matter of repeating. One I did recently I had forgotten the story inside. Some I have done with other people, will be interesting alone. I should at least get all the portals.
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For some reason, every time you view someone else's character in game, the game also loads all their tabs as well. That is reason we only have 4 tabs now and why they only added one more. The question is: Why does it do that?

Its a resource management issue. possibly also a networking one, as you need to dump all this info to every person who looks at any profile. That is a technical answer but not a right one. Why did they design it like that?

Its like it loads their entire profile to view one character. Hope its secure as it shouldn't load that much info, I can see it being misused. I guess its read only. No write access...

It doesn't need that much access, All it needs is to know what is equipped. and maybe what their title is and guild. unless equipped items show on an unshown tab, there is no reason for the bank to be loaded... its all a list of entries in a database anyway, just need to work out what needs to be shared. Right now, its likely everything but very little is displayed.

It is a dumb reason and storage in Diablo games should have been sort of the top list of things to get right.

If DIablo 4 had always been offline/online and you only played online if you wanted to, the sudden departure of all the season players wouldn't be noticed at all by those who chose to play offline all along. Now the whole game feels emptier.
So tonight I died 3 times... twice to The Butcher... I tried first time but its not worth it. He only costs 20k per visit.

Other death I could see coming. There are these guys who explode when they get near you. And I can normally run away and kite them while i shoot, but they got me in a door way. It hurts but I decided best answer is to just avoid that nightmare dungeon.
Although resistances don't work, the game still runs like they do. I had low fire resistance and low armour, which are both fixed by my new helm, but game was attacking my weaknesses.

Before my life was almost same amount as my armour, at least now its not. Think I have 5k armour, 3.9k life... DPS is somewhere in middle.... no, it looks to me like life has passed my damage amount

I am still killing things, not like I have noticed a lack of damage. I just read guide and I need more crit damage... that can be plan for ancestral gear.
Makes sense that game attacks me weak points as I heal 194 life outside of combat and get 200 life per kill.

They still attack but they don't hurt me as much now. Still "nice" to have been killed in game by something other than the Butcher.

All I need to do is kill something and I stay healthy. I stand in middle of packs and hold down the number 1 button to fire off corpse explosion and the deaths it causes keeps me almost always at max health. Very few things don't drop a corpse... bugs mainly.

Hit something with reap to cause a corpse to drop, press 1 and watch the dominoes fall. I have to remember to use reap before I try to press 1, as I end up not achieving anything. I also have two attacks now that suck the enemy into one place and it can be funny to watch as they can't hit me while they shuffling around.
I always had this one but its mostly for use on bosses and has a long cooldown

But there is an aspect you can get that turns my main attack into a similar affair
this is main attack, I shoot it at people and it creates a puddle at their feet

But the aspect changes it so things get sucked into the puddle.

so now its either shoot from a distance which gets them all into one group, then reap to get corpse then explode them all with the homing missiles my gloves turn Corpse explosion into. I wonder what I look like to other people... he is just standing there...

I also got these, they aren't amazing and too slow. Not a great example of them really, all low roles.
I stuck to the ones I got last night. Game also gave me another copy of an amulet I had and another 2 handed scythe - think its the best version I have had so far. That isn't saying much, its not an amazing weapon even with max stats.

Level 71,
Ranked up two glyphs to lvl 15 now, working on 3rd.
Killed Helltide Commander again and he dropped nothing of value. I am mainly there for mats anyway. I got about 14 of the one I wanted today, I want way more just so using some suddenly doesn't have me needing to go there again.
There is only one boss I haven't beaten in there yet... the Helltide Assassin. He seems to follow me... I could probably beat him now but I don't feel like wasting my time.
Have to remember to not pick up anything from now on... its habit though. I have 1k of the mat that is used the most in upgrading, and 41million gold. I doubt I get any new upgrades now before Tier 4. Dungeons give you 4 items at end anyway, so I just sell those.
I need to look at videos of tier 4 fight, try it in the next few levels but really no rush to get there before 75.

Game already giving me sigils for Ancestral Nightmare Dungeons. I just trade them in, taking up space.
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For some reason, every time you view someone else's character in game, the game also loads all their tabs as well. That is reason we only have 4 tabs now and why they only added one more. The question is: Why does it do that?

Its a resource management issue. possibly also a networking one, as you need to dump all this info to every person who looks at any profile. That is a technical answer but not a right one. Why did they design it like that?

Its like it loads their entire profile to view one character. Hope its secure as it shouldn't load that much info, I can see it being misused. I guess its read only. No write access...

It doesn't need that much access, All it needs is to know what is equipped. and maybe what their title is and guild. unless equipped items show on an unshown tab, there is no reason for the bank to be loaded... its all a list of entries in a database anyway, just need to work out what needs to be shared. Right now, its likely everything but very little is displayed.

It is a dumb reason and storage in Diablo games should have been sort of the top list of things to get right.

If DIablo 4 had always been offline/online and you only played online if you wanted to, the sudden departure of all the season players wouldn't be noticed at all by those who chose to play offline all along. Now the whole game feels emptier.
Here's the PCGamer article about it:

Absolutely terrible design.
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