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I was hesitant knowing I had praised 3 lords of hell to open it up... so I watched a video. The end result is underwhelming.

Even though game has given me 4 of the same unique chest, I stopped using it on current guy as I have armour that offers more than just that armour amount, and fits into build. Also stopped using amulet... using one that also adds armour. DO you see a theme? Given resists are broken, boosting armour is all you need. Until they fix them... season 2?

I am returning back to the aspects that should be in those slots. His DPS is still 1k below my other necro but he hasn't really noticed. The extra powers on the gloves, scythe and helm are enough. He is 2k below bone spear necro but they mostly use pets. I need to be up close for maximum effect. In the group works best.

Need to start doing tier 12 nightmare dungeons. I also need to learn all the different things game adds. I have avoided some so far. Good thing you can recycle sigils as the game gives you more than you can do or hold. Do one dungeon and get 4 as a reward inside it... um... how am I supposed to catch up? That and they use same space as potions and you only get 3 rows... its not just Materials that need expanding... space in general. I may need to put some in my inventory... and already collecting unique items in there.

I don't know how many dungeons I ran today... they only take 20 minutes and when they safer than the outside world, its a nice break... I think T12 might still be too low, T5 bosses revert back to lvl 60 at end of the fight - I keep forgetting to save a screen shot of what happens at end of a nightmare dungeon. Its one big happy family, me and bosses hanging out in a bubble that stops them attacking me. Sometimes I attack them... defenceless that they are. kill them for loot...


I wish there were more colours to choose from, why isn't there a black?

Not as many uniques today but then I don't need them... wait. I got 3 this morning... okay, none tonight then :)

No unique shields... so um thats one thing less to look at. Boots are about only thing he might want... need more choices... there are at least 2 pairs he could use.

If I see a chest fall I shouldn't be able to guess what it is before it falls. Only one unique ring for necro. So the guessing game wouldn't last long. Only other non class specific Unique ring only drops at end of Act 4 of main quest

Need more uniques. They adding some ins a patch soon. Just before Season starts... not sure what to think about that. Do you get all new bank slots or are we meant to do miracles?

Game started telling me at lvl 68 about the tier 4 access quest... I am not in a rush. I am going to keep doing nightmare dungeons and get my main glyph to lvl 15 before I try that. It will make it way more useful.

Demons don't seem to like me anymore, I go do a whisper at Caldieum and they go mad now. I needed a break from Nightmare dungeons so I did a Helltide for something to do, I didn't really need any items from it, more materials. Some of the drops are needed to upgrade Sacred armor to rank 5. I got enough to do my Scythe. I was fighting a lvl 70 alone... i thought and then suddenly there are people there... I was too busy trying to kill it. Still haven't seen any there that are 10 lvls ahead of me since the first day I was in T3... could be a cap in T3?
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Started "harvesting" Lilith shrines to power up my rogue. Now level 46 and I continue to get pounded by all the major baddies. Can't get beyond act 3 for now. There are many shrines that I failed to find while working through the side quests.
I just used this and clicked the icon for each to narrow down what I am missing. Its mostly just strongholds now

I would help you if I could. Who is stopping you at that point? Elias?

World boss showed up yesterday... I went to have a look. Saw 8 people there and thought... this won't end well and left again. If there had been more people there, I may have tried. Not sure how useful I would be against it as my build better at killing entire groups, not individual targets.
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I didn't know aspects were locked to the level of the item you took them off. So you can't take one off a high lvl item and put it on a low lvl item, as it will make it that higher lvl.

What a dumb system, I can't save them for another character. I wonder if the stat ranges on them are linked to lvl, meaning higher ones naturally have better values... further reducing usefulness of even being able to remove them. There is only so much space in there anyway... why only 3 rows for every tab on your character? why can't it scroll down?

lol. he has found 10 of the unique chest piece that I have 4 of so far this week. The pool of uniques is too small and the drop rate seems to be broken. Everyone is getting repeats... I wish I had known before I upgraded one of them. They don't exist really before T3 and now, due to there only being one or two choices in each slot, everyone sees same things all time.

Video mentions the lack of space in stash. I would love to start a new class, but I don't have any space for one. All my characters except 2 are banks now. That shouldn't be a problem on a game that is only 1 month old. I feel they thought too small on this game. They have no idea how much people will play it... hence all the materials were restricted in how much you can hold. I wonder if there is a gold cap... there was in D3 for a while.

Eilixirs and Sigils should have their own tab, not be combined.

Why is every character tab the same size, you don't need 33 spaces in the quest tab, i can't think of any quests that have that many things to collect... that don't stack. Why do quest items need to be physical? Can't game tell if you have that drop? I would remove quest tab or just rename it Sigils and give its space to something more usefuil. Really the tabs need more space... should scroll down. Need a way to search them as well.

At least Season characters have a separate tab until the end of season, when its merged in... so one tab for an entire season? ONE tab.... not 4 or more tabs, just one... they really need a seperate stash for Season, not ONE tab...

They really have a dislike for hoarders, don't they. NO collecting anything apart from rocks that are just another thing in that ONE tab. Who do I need to slap around for making the decision of not having individual character space. EVERY ARPG since 2000 has had individual, if anything shared tabs are new... now D4 has forgotten the past and wants you to as well. Hence the maps are useless. Grim Dawn has mini map zoom... why...

Worst still is the season adds new collectables... more stuff, no space... sems a slap might be too nice, where did I put my hammer?

Gems meant to be just an item count in mats so how does that work, do we still get all the different sizes? at least that fixes one problem I have. When you refine gems into bigger sizes, it can see what is in your bank but always puts the results on your character, so hope you had that empty space or extras go on floor... too much running to and from stash.

The map is pointless. He also mentions all the mechanics in Nightmare Dungeons I have been avoiding so far... I don't want to constantly be moving to avoid lava explosions, or some rock that follows you around and attacks you if you have a short break, or a lighting attack that zaps you if you not in the bubble ... You have to portal to town to even look at inventory ... and then you get invited to groups and have to explain that Yes, I may appear to be in town, but I am actually in a Nightmare Dungeon. If you in a Dungeon, you should be shown as busy if invited anywhere...

It sold because its Diablo... and at least its not full of pushes to buy stuff on store, but they dropped ball on many things... Resting on laurels? Look at our pretty open world, don't look at the things we left out. Its a fun game while I am playing it, but before I start each day I see it different.

SO sigil level +54 = monster level in dungeon (this sure explains why nightmare dungeons seem easier than open world, one reason I do them instead of whispers now)... So I should be doing lvl 14 or higher. Please ask game to stop giving me lower? I just delete the low ones now... and any in dungeons I don't have access to. Need to do more strongholds. I should make some myself. I have already, I mistakenly made 3 when I thought I was just making a lvl 3 dungeon. Baby steps, I need to learn risks before I accept to stack more.

No one should be able to survive in a Tier 150 nightmare dungeon based on how resistances and armor work now. Anything 17 or so levels above you can one shot you.

So Paragon is really choose your own difficulty. If you want easy, play a low lvl one. If you want a challenge, play hard. As far as I can tell there is nothing forcing you to play higher apart from maybe what difficulty you are on. Sure, experience on Glyphs is one reason... you don't get a lot for low lvl dungeons. Depends why you are playing I guess. I really don't care about getting to end... that is not my goal.

I really think I need to start a new character and get into T3 at about 50, not 60. More time to work on levelling my Glyphs which in term boost my damage
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Decided that the best idea was to start again, and get the next character into T3 by at least lvl 52, That way can start working on Glyph experience and have 18 levels before need to think about Tier 4. Going in at lvl 60 reduces amount of time you can get any gear. The open world meant to be easy compared to dungeons, meaning my two lvl 60 are too weak. As they see it the other way around. Mainly as they been doing easy dungeons.

Tier 1 Nightmare dungeons = lvl 55 monsters so going in too soon really isn't useful. Need to be able to survive. Once I start getting lvl 40 Sacred items, I will have to do a fire sale of all the low level legendaries. Also let me figure out the ones I been avoiding gue to not knowing what they do. Probably start them after a few whispers as you get them as rewards. Need to be in tier 3 to get them.

Already lvl 33, so it won't be long before its 50... Probably Midweek

Some of the armour sets look good

Its not a set in the Diablo classic sense, its just a style that appears on rare items. Sets should give bonuses based on how many parts of them you wear... these don't.

Advantage is I have 90% of the aspects I need for gear, just need one of drops that hasn't fallen yet. So he mostly set and can ignore bank.

At one stage I only had 3 quests going... He was a machine completing anything in front of him. Left me needing to find some. I only started him tonight... it doesn't take that long to get to 30. Best I done is lvl 42 in one day. I have to sleep tonight though.

No uniques tonight but then they need to make more so its a guessing game which one you got.
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whispers give half a lvl experience and all you need to do is a few of the activities in each location to easily get 10 points. I did 2 lots in the last 45 minutes and went up 2 levels... It soon makes up for the campaign gains. Only thing you won't get is a unique at end but its account based, I don't think every character gets it? I know you can have more than one unique... Not having to fight some of those bosses makes up for it though.

I normally do the motes and the rituals. Rituals are easy as most times monsters aren't guarding them. Can do some without combat a lot of the time. I normally kill enough along route of a ritual to finish the mote quest. Might randomly do those boss kill quests if I walk past one.
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One day later, He is now level 48 and I plan on getting him into Tier 3 by lvl 52 at latest. Depends who I can get to help.
I can do all the fights myself but last boss might be a problem at 52... he wasn't at 62 lol.

Modelling the mostly doom set, he isn't wearing its helm as it looks silly, He prefers to hide. This one has a partial cloak. its torn. Meaning its a later set as necro don't get good armour until tier 3.

This isn't what his actual armour looks like, its just... I have salvaged so much Necro gear I seem to have most of the styles now. I find the early ones look boring.

I need to have a fire sale, there are so many weapons I kept for maybe that I probably won't ever use, and will be replaced by Sacred/Ancestral versions.

I was being chased around one city by a lvl 95 who wanted to trade... I don't have any idea what or if its an exploit, so I just avoided that city tonight. Doubtful I have anything he wants... and the way item levels work, doubt he has anything I would want. Or could use.
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I need to have a fire sale, there are so many weapons I kept for maybe that I probably won't ever use, and will be replaced by Sacred/Ancestral versions.

Yea roughly 3 tabs and counting with this. I was thinking i might throw them on new characters in seasons but they will drop again anyways so now its like a federal reserve to me.

And im loving my twisting blades rogue, the helmet seems to be straight out of Predator which is sweet to me. This is also my highest level character at 63-64. I have 4 others with some in the 50s and lower but i dont see anything wrong with not rushing to 100 even if seasons are coming and it is absolutely a good idea to "take a break" from playing Diablo 4 before its season if you a re burnt out, but i wont be lol.

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Season starts 21 July

If you have to use one of your 10 character slots for a season character, I don't have any left. Half my characters are necromnancers now., They all banks... hence a massice fire sale. They all need a re roll anyway as they all in the campaign, the thing I don't have to play anymore.

If I ever change my build I won't have all the aspects I need. I didn't this time around as one is a drop, can't get it from finishing a dungeon, so for a long time he used a chest with no aspect on it, and he still using a sword with the wrong aspect - mainly as its highest DPS I have. I tried to make a sword with right aspect but it was doing 300 dps less so I quickly swapped back. Having matching aspects doesn't really matter in Tier 2.

Game rarely drops anything your level, so if you using a lvl 33 sword at lvl 33, you unlikely to get a replacement any time soon. This mostly applies to rare items, Sacred and Ancestral (I assume) can drop at your level. So it helps to have a stash of old weapons to use for new characters but we don't have any space for anything. The game also goes mad if you have all gear on that matches its level.
It reminds me of using chapter 2 gear in chapter 1 of Grim Dawn. Games job is to make it as hard as possible for you to have any fun.
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I think you can just skip the campaign on any character whenever you want at the character select screen.
You only get that choice once someone on the account has finished campaign once.

Seems I could play some of mine without campaign now if I chose, clicking no campaign brings up a warning but lets you go ahead. ... I only have 2 Barbs apart from necros... and my druid... i forgot him... so I could make some space and play them once i am sick of necro. Rogue is too squishy and moves too fast for me... (funny as I played one in wow) and I see Sorcerer as similar. The last class needs more attacks that work...

So I am in tier 2.5. I finished the quest to enter Tier 3 but I was only level 52 at time, and recommended level for Tier 3 is 53... I wish I had known as I wouldn't have rushed so much. Anyway. I am still in Tier 2 but as soon as I hit 53 I will be in Tier 3. I could go in now but most things want me dead enough without making it easy on them.

I would have tried to get in sooner but I was waiting for the game to give me the glyph that goes in the first slot, as starting with about 16 points now means I am up to the glyph slot almost right away. It gave me glyph I want to level up, but I can't put it in until I attach second paragon board page. I can at least level it up before then I think? I will try tomorrow. All glpyhs need to be levelled to at least 15. That will take time. Build eventually uses 5 glyphs, as you get one slot per page. Following this as it at least shows almost everything I need to make a character - https://d4builds.gg/builds/6c377f7d-a32c-4bc1-803a-da3d8b015259/

I didn't get glyph I needed until start of 52. I was impatient so I did dungeon right away, only to find I was early lol. Last boss took a little longer than he did at 62 but he wasn't really that hard. Bears are scarier than he was.

Level 53 makes sense as the Nightmare dungeons start at lvl 54. Tier 1 = 54. Lowest monster level in Tier 3. This guy doing tier 10 dungeons at 60 will make sense, it didn't my lvl 68 was still. I wanted to restart to make sure I had as much time as possible in Nightmare dungeons to get used to all the different types... I should open up a few fortresses in T2 as I will need the dungeons inside them for nightmare runs... some anyway. There are some not in Fortresses but too many bears in some.

Tick means its completed

No new armour for me today but horse got a flag and new horse armour - all free drops - I think it looks good. Shame can't change colour of horse armour.

I wish I hadn't noticed one of his back legs isn't touching ground.

My guy going through a stage he doesn't like how any of the armour looks... he was bare chest for a while before.

Monday = level 1 to 33
Tuesday = level 33 to 48
Today = Lvl 48 to almost 53.
Seems I am slowing down a lot.
48 was a wall

Guess I mostly did whispers. Game really doesn't like it if you skip most of the monsters in the gaps between the ritual sites, as its the easiest quest to do... so I find monsters appear out of nowhere as soon as I reach one now. Unlike other quests there is no killing necessary to do them, apart from things around the rituals that will attack if you are there. Its probably why ritual quests are put in the areas with the most annoying monsters (refer bears, scorpions, tuskers, and flying insects). Shame none in Hawazr, its a fun area... none of the annoying things... giant serpents but they don't have the life pool a bear does. Bears take too much essence to kill. If they survive initial attack, it can get messy, I might even use a heal potion around them... i try not to. its not like game doesn't give them away.

Ride horse to next... only need to do 4 of them.

I wonder what the head count is on mote quests. Kill X amount of things to get a drop so you can deposit it in a container and then get attacked by 3 bosses at once.

Both types give 3 points. You can easily get 20 points in under an hour. And then have to figure out what to do for the X amount of time until a new round of whispers appears.Quests really don't take long. Could do a dungeon in that time...
Dungeons can be whisper quests, you get 5 points for them. You could do the dungeons and probably get more than 30 points in under 90 minutes... it helps if you know layout of dungeon... I don't... there are 117. I have only done half of them so far.

its fun doing a whisper in a dungeon you already had a quest for. So get payout for completing:
  1. quest
  2. whisper
  3. Dungeon (as many have aspects as rewards for completion)

There are also PVP and World Boss whisper quests, but I don't do one and the other is a rare thing I only seen once.
Edit, played a little longer, now 53, now in Tier 3. But I play tomorrow. Aim for day was to get into Tier 3.

The real game starts now.

I am going to have to go through all my characters and find any aspects worth keeping and sell everything else. Should be a fair amount of money really.
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So the Butcher attacked me twice tonight... keep away empty handed... both of us. He didn't give me anything useful both times. though later on another monster dropped the hands I linked before. I was down to last heal potion the first time but second wasn't so hard. I knew he dropped some so I just restocked mid fight. I can take a beating... thats for sure.

Hanging with my friends after a Nightmare Dungeon... they can't attack me but I have been known to kill them inside bubble


Relic chest and helm. I like that helm. When not running around with seemingly nothing worn above waste, he wears that.
Need to find more of this set. The chest is same design as a unique. Not sure what rest apart from helm looks like.

It may take him a while to replace scythe, it does more damage than most of the lvl 67 weapons I had already. He is only 57.

Think I did about 5 nightmare dungeons today, not sure. Could be more. They not so fast when you the same level as the monsters... or lower. I should be doing tier 3 but game has given me tier 5. I was selective about which ones I did... meaning I sold a few but once I had done a tier 3 one, I could make them myself and have more control. Also recycle the ones I don't want. It was also slow to give me any, only got one at lvl 54, slow drip feed.

I had to do two strongholds just to be able to do nightmare dungeons. There are a few others I also need to clear, but one is full of bears and well... I have explained already.
I did a few Helltides but I find them boring... random demons attack... I almost died twice due to meteors hitting my horse twice. I do like the raining blood effect though, Slayer would be pleased. I didn't get any amazing drops from them. Dungeons are better really
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TIL that Bloodless Scream is a trap. It does very little damage... Its sort of obvious when I compare it against current weapon

It needs a buff for what it is. A level 54 weapon shouldn't beat a level 67 one. Also shows replacing current one might take a while.

But I thought the bonuses would make up for it... probably goes a long way towards why my 60's thought outside world harder than dungeons. I also didn't fully understand dungeon levels and them doing tier 3 ones at 60 meant the monsters were all playing easy. Also meant they got very little experience.

My current lvl 58 doesn't see it that way, he having fun using the corpses of enemies to fight new ones. Its easier to explain in video form. Outside is easier when everything isn't 3 levels ahead of you.

He needs to keep doing nightmare dungeons today.

I learned it was a trap from this:

Something I knew already, my build choice isn't the best one. I should use Bone Spear but I find it very chaotic. I chose Blood build as its more controlled, but you won't ever see really big crits on it... I saw 17k yesterday but that wasn't off a blood attack, just reap. My thinking is I am not hitting one target for lots, I am hitting them all at once with about 10k or more. Blood builds need a buff to work after lvl 90. I am not concerned about a future I may not see.
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Higher level isn't necessarily better. Glad I got the old ones first

The chances upgrades would bridge the gap is slim, and they won't change the values after the star. Its just how it rolls. Level 57 was a better roll.
Armour value would be higher but everything else, not so much.
Sux that upgrades aren't always positive, I had one that removed intel from a amulet... I thought I was reading it wrong but nope, reduced it by 2%. I was not amused... still need a replacement.
That Fear is useful is dungeons, it seems to happen a lot. It can happen to everything except the main bosses, so in dungeons with no main boss, it is really good.
Suicidal corpse missiles are so much fun. I wanted those gloves for him since birth. It turns an attack I mainly use for mana regen into a fun attack.

I did a fight earlier where all I did all fight was spam the 1 key. Its the button for corpse explosion. I was fighting in a confined space so I had an endless supply of dead bodies to explode. I swapped fingers mid fight. I would use numb pad for commands and set one to auto repeat, but I don't have 3 hands... I can only stretch so far. mouse/keyboard...

Does Helltide, accidentally does a quest to kill 50 scorpions... wasn't intentional, they just were there. I haven't got anything special or even useful from one yet. I don't really need anything... uniques I have are about best I can have. Rest apart from 1 one handed scythe really don't help, and using a shield isn't really needed in this build. It needs two hander for the DPS.

I do helltides mainly for mats, or if I am bored. Need a break from dungeons. Nerves of thinking, will that bloody Butcher show up again. I don't want the scythe, unless they buff it immensely, the unique is a nice paper weight. There are 2 mats you can only get from Helltides, one is a plant and other is a drop from bosses. The drop is used to upgrade jewelry, or Items to tier 5. Also used to swap an attribute on sacred/ancestral/legendary armour. Plant is used as well in some of these actions. Might also be used for elixirs.

Currently don't have anything that would benefit from upgrading to tier 5 that isn't already. His unique helm & gloves are. So is weapon as every rank of weapon makes them better in DPS. I really need to stockpile them, I tend to always need more than I have. Same goes for mats for upgrading gear. I have been salvaging all my yellow drops. Eventually I will ignore them but until I have enough where I don't run out - i have been close before. Not being able to upgrade gear sux if you want to.

tip: helps to swap attributes before you turn an item into legendary, prices are cheaper.

I compared the lvl 67 sword my top lvl Necro is using to this guys Scythe and its not any better. I really was lucky with getting that at 54.

Going caveman...

I can spot the people who paid for their armour with cash, mainly as they have their profiles locked lol. That and I know the armour doesn't drop. There are enough parts for free that I don't feel need to pay, and I really can't say I like look of the ones on store anyway. I just need more pants from the sets to complete their looks, got relic boots today, just missing the pants mostly.

Only good drop today was a unique helm I have linked here before. There are only 7 necro uniques, I am already getting repeats. No chests yet.
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Got to almost 63.
I got stun locked by a pack of monsters in a hell tide, I think there was lag involved as later it was acting strange and ignoring my inputs, then it all played out at once... lag.

Either way I died, it was annoying but I am not sure it was unavoidable as I have a move I forgot to use that might have got me out... I seem to recall all my buttons were greyed out though. I ran out of potions... I had been killing it easy up until that point. Expect they wanted me dead lol. They hadn't sent the lvl 72 Hell tide assassin against me at that point... I ran away from it earlier in night. I think I was only person there as I don't remember seeing anyone else.

Repairs cost 12k. Sold one item for 22k.,.. cost forgotten. At least game doesn't track deaths. I am not either, it was first death that wasn't in a dungeon for a while though. He is really hard to kill.. which helps as it takes time to kill things. Unlike bone spear that can crit for 1 million.

it appeared to be an event, I can't find reference to it on Google (doesn't help it looked like a whirlwind, and searching that just gives me Barb builds). Everything went black. I can't find anything similar... hope not to see it again. Will try escape move if I can.

Started fire sale of items I never use. Two of my barbs have blank space in inventory now. Could almost play one of them... might. I want to try other classes. Having all those banks sort of stuck me. Barb was what I Played the most in Diablo 2. I sort of played necro in D3. Its stuck. Not having to play story means he can do whatever... hmm, maybe later today. I still need to sleep.

Made about 3 million gold selling a bunch of legendary items on all my characters. Still lots I could sell but I have room now. Stash only includes sacred items now.
Almost enough to start a new class... almost. at least they don't have to play story line. I kept some items that help level up. A few of them have mostly rings and amulets.

One of my necros won't let me change her chest peice. She is set to unequipped view and it won't let me change it from that... its not even letting me select the choice. Pity as I trying to make them all look different... guess she does in a way. Rest are in sets.

Open world is easy once you used to dungeons where things 3 levels ahead of you at most times. World mobs are same lvl. Excluding Hell tide bosses... they can be 10 levels above... not sure if 72 is cap. Tier 4 quest marker showing on map but I am not stupid enough to try a lvl 70 quest at 62. It can wait, I will ask for assistance from some of the high level characters I know. The last boss doesn't look easy
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Rerolled both my Druid and Barbs but they haven't really gone very far. Barb felt squishy at beginning until I got him some hand me down armour from previous barb. I need to see what aspects they need and run dungeons on my necro to get the version I can put on gear multiple times. Druid felt unstoppable which is scary when his armour was bad but he didn't notice.

I play them over time.

Two ways to get aspects.
1. From dungeons, where you get a version that has lowest stats, but can be used multiple times.
2. From gear, but it can only be put on one peice of equipment. Stat values can vary.

Gear offers best choice but can only be used once... so need to pick the item you want to put it on well. Hard to find perfect rolls, most gear might have one but getting 3 or more is hard. Can use occultist to change one line on an item (provided its rare or legendary, can't change lines on unique items, just their values) but its cost can quickly get out of hand... best to convert the line on a rare item, legendary can get silly... 500k to change one line... pass.

Spent most of day doing Nightmare Dungeons, didn't get anything exciting. No Butcher visits, I wasn't upset.

Did 2 hell tides, found the mystery chest on one and got 4 legendary items, nothing I really wanted though... feels odd saying that but the items aren't special, its the aspects and you have to hope its a good roll. I don't want legendary drops, I want sacred rares, that I can turn into gear I can use.

Second one was only 20 minutes ago, its still active now. But well, I got these 2 off monster drops in that last hell tide
I had just stopped using a unique helm as it didn't really help me apart from extra armour, new helm has more. So build was closer to what it should be, apart from hands. Then game drops this

which I have had before but that item power level is only 20 below the max for Sacred tier. I looked, my level 54 weapon adds up to 719 with upgrades... I live in hope I will get a better one. Might have to wait until Tier 4.

In same hell tide I got

which I also had before but I didn't know it fell outside of the campaign. Its the reward for finishing Act 6. So getting a sacred one with better stats was a surprise as I thought game had dropped a weapon. It doesn't have amazing rolls, and the 30% in the line after star is less than the value on previous version of ring, but it started with more + all stats and only got more with the upgrade. I think old version only had 8.

Still nice to see a unique my other 2 necros haven't had in Tier 3. live in hope of seeing something else... not sure what. I don't need the unique pants, they don't really offer nay useful stats. And would replace some I use now. Two pairs of boots could fall. Not sure I need them. I wouldn't mind the one handed scythe just to contemplate change

So two pieces of jewellery in under 30 minutes. Shame I was on 31 million before I got them... back to only 30. Only things I spend money on is upgrades.

this is a very Diablo Armour amount

Cool looking pants too. I had been after them to complete a style. I had all the other parts. What you get as a legendary in appearance isn't the same as what you start with. I had a cool helm drop, thought... I make this legendary as I liked style. Converting changed it to a style I hate... why they use same styles on lvl 20 and lvl 60 armour is beyond me. I normally use a transmog to hide it but I don't mind his armour right now

His pants are only green as you only get to alter color if you use a transmog and I have oinly found that style once. Once you salvage the part its added to style choices in wardrobe. It lets you stand out, in a see of rogues that all look the same to me. Sorceresses all seem to wear almost nothing.
Its the pants linked above.
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Season lasts 3 months, and they are supposedly not changing much before Season 2.

Having said that, I have noticed unannounced changes such as the map being much more useful now, actually shows quests you haven't got and will highlight area and mobs for quests you have got.

I think tree has run out of ideas, it got stuck offering the same three choices for a while. I don't bother with it anymore, most of my gear is so close to max Power Level in Sacred that its hardly worth getting free things from tree.

I took amulet off, it really doesn't help build... so games answer was

I don't use Sever but the rest of stats work with Corpse explosion.
I think only Necro unique I don't have now is a 1 handed scythe. I got the 2 handed one today but I just put it in bank. Seems I forgot the minion ring... if I get 1 hander might make another necro with a different build for it.

Its annoying, if you were to break down a unique for salvage you don't get them as a transmog. I may not want to use scythe but it looks good.

Level 68. game started telling me to do tier 4 quest. I want to get to stage I can do tier 19 Nightmare dungeons first... then I see who I can get to help with it.

Finally replaced the lvl 54 scythe, It took forever

I understand why sometimes when you upgrade gear its stats go down. There are item tiers, and if in process of upgrading the item, it goes into a new tier, all the values are rerolled and sometimes you go down. I think Crowd Control dropped on sword but I didn't care as the Damage to close went up 39 points at same time.
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So today I got
2 x Blood Artisan's Cuirass
1 x Deathless Visage
1 x Howl from Below
1 x Bloodless Scream.

I got 2 uniques from Helltide events and both times I knew what they were before I picked them up. Only mystery was stat values. One of the chests was best I have had (of that unique anyway, i have it about 5 times now), hands and Helm weren't better than what I had before, and I didn't even look at the 2 handed Scythe. Only missing a ring and a 1 handed Scythe to have all the current ones for necro. Think they adding a shield as well. To entice us into not all using 2 handers. Flying insects that shoot posion darts that are like machine guns tend to be their less subtle approach... I hate the things. I can survive almost everything else. Being attacked by demons, no problem. Demons and flying bugs... pass.

Both chest pieces fell from the last 2 Nightmare Dungeons I ran.

I really wish there was more unique items as if they not going to be all rare, they soon get redundant.

Most interesting drop to me today was a low alt necro found the legs to the set I like wearing the most, just needs hands and boots now... Pants it was on were bad so it was an easy salvage. It seems once the account has found high level sets, game offers them as parts at any range. I wasn't expecting these though.

In appearance, the chest is identical to the Blood Artisan's Cuirass unique - I prefer it as a transmog as actual stats on the unique don't help my build. I can't get the unique as a transmog but a set that looks like it, easy. Part of me wishes the uniques had a unique appearance. The helm is really close to a set part you get at 15. It doesn't stand out. There are a few that I haven't found non unique versions of though. The 2 handed Scythe might be unique in appearance, same with the gloves. I am missing a few in the transmog list, so maybe.

I found the whirlwind I died on. Its a helltide event where you have to kill 4 groups of monsters to reveal a mega boss in centre you have to kill. I did it tonight with a druid, we managed to take it all down together. Hellteide boss was the first thing I ever fought in one, and at 69... it is getting old. I need to get into tier 4 as right now their max level is only 2 above mine. I wanted to get a Glyph to lvl 15 before I did that, its currently on lvl 13. Game offered me a tier 20 rift. I have been doing tier 18 tonight. MIght try a tier 20 once I hit 70.

whispers run on a 90 minute timer, twice recently I been doing one just to get to hand in spot and its gone, the timer having just run out... most times I look before I go. I got side tracked doing an event as some of them are usually really easy on the build I have. Others I have never even bothered with.
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I am on a mission to kill 5k knights. For killing 5k Knights, I get the suffix of Knight as a choice in titles. I already have the perfect Prefix for it, Dark... yes, I want to be Batman.

Hardest part is finding them in large numbers. Most Nightmare dungeons only have about 50 at most of them, some even less. So I have to run the places they are in. I didn't know where they were though. I knew one or two locations... this will help - https://rankedboost.com/diablo-4/knights/

I killed 10k of another monster type tonight and got suffix "Pirate" but I can't find a good prefix I own now.

Challenges award a prefix & a suffix. You get to mix and match them.

its a hobby. Not even close to 5k and there is a challenge to kill 10k. I will run out of achievable challenges soon.
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Nothing to report today.
Apart from:
  1. Got to 70 (Yay) - Guess I need to do the tier 4 quest before everyone disappears onto Season server. I might struggle for help otherwise.
  2. Butcher killed me again but I wasn't in mood to fight him as I had just watched a Treasure Goblin I was chasing disappear in front of me... I think they travel in pairs, I seen Butcher and TG in same dungeons before. I think next time I will just reset dungeon. Butcher just gives unique items... yay, what if you have them all?
  3. Upgrading gems to lvl 70 cost me 3 million and I skipped doing one color. I save up... I don't use it anyway.
Mostly played an alt today, the getting to 70 wasn't hard when I was 69.5 when I logged in today.. ALt started as Bone spear but I just don't like it, and its the meta build meaning it needs a nerf or mine needs a buff to make more builds alternatives. I only stick with mine as its almost impossible to kill me... besides stun locks and poison.

5 days to tier 3? I must be slow

TIL you get all your potions back when you level up. He was down to 1 and levelled, and suddenly 9 again

its not overly interesting, they ran a bunch of events to get to 18 and then repeateed the same two strongholds to get to 50 and then did the capstone dungeon at end. Its not exactly playing the game. I am not sure how fast anyone completed campaign with a blank map and no waypoints set ... repeating strongholds will likely be fixed (all it takes is it remembering progress or setting a timer on how many attempts you can make per day) as its like repeating same dungeon for experience, it isn't why they put 20 strongholds and 117 dungeons in game... they don't want people grinding same places.

ALso, they started in tier 2 so it was just one tier really. Wait for the to 100 speedruns, they might be longer.
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