CPU/DDRAM booting problem

Sep 21, 2023
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I had this build for a while I installed lian li uni slv2 fans a while back but due to a connector being in a tight spot I gave up trying to make the rgb lights to work. I've been gaming on it for about a year now. Recently I decided I was gunna try again. Upon opening the back and revealing the rats nest I left I unplug all the modular psu connection to free up some space and untangle wires. Note as I recall those were the only connection I detached. I managed to get the fan connections all plugged in. I plugged in all the other psu connection I unplug and started it up. Rgb worked but the pc now won't boot I'm now getting led booting lights for the cpu and the ram. I'm not able to power down the pc with the power button on the case or the on board power button. I inspected all the ram non of them are burnt out but non of them individually will prevent the ddram led from staying on. I don't want to have to take out the cpu bc well I don't want to go through the hassle of lining up the back plate again. I was hoping someone might be able to brainstorm something I might have missed.
-Hardware in question
[CPU]AMD Ryzen 9500X
[RAM] Neo Forza DDR4 16G 4400
[MB] NZXT N7 B550
Sep 16, 2023
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Sounds like they io connections for the front panel are not correct. I would double check you manual and make everything is where it should be. Other then , you will need to check the manual for ram slot positions. The manual would be the best to go over everything.
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♣ Unplug the RGB and see if that solves it.

♦ What is make and model of PSU?

♥ Did you mess with the front panel to motherboard cables? If so, you probably put some back in the wrong place, or backwards.

♠ It's probably as simple as you forgot to reconnect some cable somewhere—rats nests aren't easy to build :)

If none of this helps, our experts will need more info about the full system to help you. Please follow these instructions:

Of particular interest are:
Exact make & model of your Power Supply;
Case & cooling parts;

Graphics card;

Are all drivers & BIOS up to date?