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Apr 13, 2020
So im working on a clients PC, ive run tons of stress tests for hours, and have had no issues. But while he streams and games every once in a while he'll crash with a BSOD, i havent been able to recreate the issue at all, his system is z390 msi pro carbon, 9900k, 2080 super, 970 evo, wd hdd, evga 850w psu, and hes running the hd60 elgato capture card. In 2 months since I built the PC hes had 4 crashes with a BSOD. But hasnt been able to give me any info on the BSOD screen. Event viewer isnt specific on anything either, i get an error code letting me know it didnt create a minidump file, an error code that the system shutdown, and then another one i can't remember right now because i just woke up and havent seen it since last night. The codes are 6008, 161, and 41. Nothing that points me to WHY or WHAT is happening. Ive looked into all the answers for those error codes and have seen a million different reasons because there's nothing specific. Im thinking its a driver issue with his capture card, but if that was the case I should be able to recreate the issue and it should crash more frequently. Anyone ever come across anything similar? Or have any ideas for me?
Apr 13, 2020
Cinebench, aida64, prime 95, heaven, did a memory diagnostic, and furmark. I also played tried to recreate it by doing what he does when it happens, i did a test stream and recording with obs, goxlr, steam, the hd60 program, discord, twitch, and a game all running. He usually doesnt even have all those at once but i did just to be on the extreme. I had all this going for about 8 hours. And i had no instability at all.

OsaX Nymloth

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Jan 29, 2020
Sounds like you tried most things possible.
Maybe do memtest86 for 24h straight - there's a very slight chance it's memory related issue that may show up only once in a while.
Chances are, there's a very specific circumstance when it happens and pinpointing it may be super hard.

Since the PC didn't create minidump, BSOD viewer is probably not gonna be useful either.
Knowing what BSOD code you are getting would be somewhere to start. There are about 300 of them although you only really see so many of them. Bulk of them are still unknowns to me

41(63) is just an event created by windows at startup, after a unexpected restart. Its not a cause, iits a reaction.

One reason for no memory dumps can be if the page file is not automatically managed by windows or you don't have one at all.

BSOD viewers often just blame ntoskrnl. NTOSKRNL = windows kernel. It handles all driver requests, power management, and memory management. It sits between Hardware and Applications. It got blamed but its not the cause


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