I think I have an issue with my graphics card

Aug 7, 2023
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I have an Asus TUF A16 gaming laptop.

It has two graphics cards, but the one I utilise for gaming is the AMD Radeon RX 7600S. The laptop swops automatically between cards depending what you’re doing.

The laptop has been a dream since I got it in October. A few nights ago I thought I’d see how it would work with an old monitor which I don’t think is any more than 1080p - my laptop is 4K.

When I plugged in the monitor I set the display settings to extend. It was working ok until I went on call of duty Cold War black ops and there was a lag in the visuals, nothing to do with the internet though.

Then the game crashed - I got an error message that said something went wrong and gave me an option to click repair, or something like that.

I clicked repair, it still did not work. I restarted and tried again and a different error message appeared stating your game did not shut down properly during your last session, would you like to start in safe mode?

It also said note, safe mode will change your graphics settings.

It gave 3 options for safe mode, default settings and ignore.

Whenever I clicked any option the whole laptop froze and I had have to force turn off the laptop and start it back up again. That cycle happened numerous times.

I then realised my Radeon software was nowhere to be found - so I updated the drivers. The software appeared again but the same error message kept appearing and the laptop kept on freezing.

I deleted and reinstalled the game - the same thing happened.

I disabled / enabled both graphic cards under the display settings on device manager. No luck.

I then tested going into safe mode and trying to click on the game - that worked but I got an error message saying no DX driver or something like that. It didn’t freeze though.

So I then restarted, and changed the settings on Asus Armoury Crate - where you can change the settings for the graphics cards in terms of performance. I deleted Razer cortex as I heard that can interfere, changed the settings on Armoury to optimal, loaded the game clicked default settings on the error message and it didn’t jam and the game started and worked…for about 3 hours. I also changed some of the settings in the Radeon Software app but doubt that had any impact.

Then the laptop completely froze mid game. I got a black screen and had to force the laptop into safe mode, disable the RX graphics card and then it restarted fine and I could enable the card again. Then upon loading the game, the same message reappeared!!

So I disabled the RX graphics card, loaded the game and it worked even with the error message. Then I enabled the RTX graphics card once the game started and it did not freeze.

Long story short I have no idea why this is happening. I do know that the armoury crate settings can impact on whether an issue happens or not.

Something appears to have happened when I plugged that monitor in though….never had an issue before.

I am thinking either I do a PC reset and start fresh, or I download DDU which some people say is all you need when it is a graphics card issue - you just delete the drivers and reinstall.

What do you reckon?
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o I then restarted, and changed the settings on Asus Armoury Crate - where you can change the settings for the graphics cards in terms of performance.
does that use GPU tweak 2?

Go into menu settings, advanced, and look for hardware acceleration. If it is off turn it on, if it is on turn it off and see if anything changes.

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Aug 7, 2023
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does that use GPU tweak 2?

Cheers - I’m not sure if it does use GPU tweak 2 - if that is a separate application I haven’t installed it though…should it be obvious if it uses that?

I also tried changing the setting from toms hardware and it’s not helped - the error message came up and I clicked an option and it’s jammed again.

Something has tweaked when I plugged that monitor in and I’m thinking I need to do a PC reset to put it back in the position pre monitor..

It’s worth noting that I can still play other games - it just seems to be with COD maybe because the issue happened whilst playing that game hence why the error msg appears. I could follow the step above re disabling the graphics card but that’s a pain and leads to COD having to install some elements of the game again


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