Beautiful Game Appreciation

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I really rushed the 1st playthrough, done in 100hrs or so.
Turns out, the slower you play, the better it is.
I don't even sit down to play rdr2 if I only have an hour, I only do when I know I can free roam for at least two. Trying for 100% game completion on the re-run.
I already have more money than I can spend, and that's after all upgrades to the camp

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@D10S Yes they and those RD2 shots look amazing. You seem to capture a real contrast between the dark and light, some looking almost like a black and white photos.
I used to wonder if this thread was more about the better graphics card, but clearly not.

I also listened to the Randell Carlson about how the landscape was formed. Interesting, and interesting to know what people listen to when gaming. I've usually got some Soma FM on.:)


WD2 contrast vs colour.
And our artistic viewpoint.
this is what you get when you get both graphics and artistic vision combined.
Imagine gta6 if that's what they created for ps4 generation
Rockstar know how it's done. Instead of releasing the same crap in different location every two years like ubisoft, make a 10/10 game that'll be relevant for a more than decade and rake in cash. I bet every new generation of gamers will buy rdr2, be it people who started playing this year or will 5 years from now. Old ac series will be long forgotten by then.



cp2077 with new 3.5 dlss
1920p via dldsr upscaler/rtgi+rt reflections on
so much clearer with that new rt denoiser.








I think my 10th gen i7 is holding it from locking 50fps, but 47 fps is worst I've seen, and I'm fine with it since I'm playing on controller anyway and the game looks absolutely awesome.
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gave 2.0 a go, path tracing+the new rr denoiser look absolutely stunning.
this is just a tease,will play some more tomorrow.
runs surprisngly well too, 40 to 60 fps on old ass 3080 10g with path tracing enabled in a triple A game is really more than I'd imagine it could ever achieve. Didn't even expect to average 30fps but the absolute lowest I've seen in about an hour of driving in the city was 41fps. most of the time it's gonna stay between 45-55.
those aren't the best shots, just quick ones I took with afterburner after I realized I installed the new driver for the 2.0 update but not GFE,which I always use for hq screenies.


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Spooky City of Heroes/City of Villains shots


A Shivan - alien ectoplasm wrapped around a mutated skeleton.


Human-shaped vines with a pumpkin on top. Watching them perch in trees was disturbing.


My scrapper character dressed up as a witch and as a pumpkin.


My mastermind character in City of Villains. (Early days. Later, his eyes started glowing orange. Kept the pants. Chicks dig tight pants.)