Beautiful Game Appreciation

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wd2, still think this is my favorite open world city to roam in any game I played.
pity it doesn't have dlss/dlaa for decent antialiasing, but other than that, it beats most 2022/2023 open world games by a country mile in looks.



Yes I've got quite a few screenshots from WD2, it's colour and brightness are irresistible(whereas DG, GTAV, SofW are a bit beige and take more effort).
It's also such fun to play, with so many different environments and possibilities in them, the ocean looks amazing and remember that festival out in the desert. Plus all the cctv, hacking, drones, etc is prescient.




Two questions I've asked myself recently.
1. If I could in real life have the abilities of any character? It would be Talion for his sheer athletic ability, spinning somersaults through the air, speed and ability to jump off any height with impunity.

2.Which elements from different games I play would I like see combined in one super game?
WD2 open world + hacking, driving mechanics of GTAV, story generation of SofW, Legion's playable character generation with own personal lives and timetables.
^just going with the flow;)

Okay this is my new protege in SofW. No mods, this guy takes out armies. Grom the Whiner, and no he doesn't winge at the armies, he's got sniper/quick/exploding/slaugther,etc,etc.


I was thinking about how gaming has changed out potential to imagine, from quite a logical scientific time, to a time now where gaming brings; myths and creatures from mythology, fantasy literature, post apocalyse worlds, sci fi and future worlds, anything is possible.
found an auto shotgun in some lady's god forsaken cellar, having lots of fun with it.



miner's hat helps hunting and exploring at night.


lavender fields.


post glacial landscape is so fun to explore. especially after listening to a as many randall carlson podcasts as I have, every boulder is worth looking at twice.


this might drag on for a while........ until I complete the lasso challenge probably.


a few clemens point camp shots. just gorgeous. I can spend hours just looking around the camp, talking to people. love getting back to the camp at night, after a day of exploration and hunting to donate the meat, sit, eat, craft, talk to people and bring them items they asked for.




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It's hard not to find beautiful screenshots in RD2. I still think it's the most beautiful gaming landscape I've seen.
I'm also on another forum trying to convince people that photos taken in gaming worlds are just as valid as photos in the real world. Not sure the non gamers are buying it.

I took a very similar one in those lavander fields. I do have favourite locations in many games, that whole area in RD2 is one, sometimes it's a town like Marion Forks in Days Gone.

(Who is this Randell Carlson you speak of? I started watching Survivorman: Les Stroud riding through the Rockies to get a feel for the area. He takes a portable electric fence to corral his horses)


a few cool rdr2 shots I took today

this will have to be my new profile background


pleasance is creepy as hell


van horn, one horse town, but at least the hobos got free booze.


I have a bad feeling about adding that oleander, but sure, pick your poison .....


explosive rounds are mind-blowing fun


didn't craft all this not to be noticed.


sir william shakesthespear at night

^I think I'm just going to spend some time in RD2 just to take some photos, I also like that area in the swamps. I wish I could just transfer the whole of Days Gone(2nd playthrough) into RD2.

I heard an interesting radio show yesterday, Songs that could have been used in Spaghetti Westerns.
Speculation that Joe Meek inspired Morricone with tracks like 'Ridin' the Wind'.

My father was obsessed by westerns, films and books so I know the genre but I realised that Europeans had a whole different take. Spaghetti westerns are just so unique.
Clint in Rawhide was the American cowboy, but he went on to become this mythical hero, almost invincible (and I think even back from the dead) in Sergio Leone's stylised films based on Yojimbo and similar others.

RD2 is basically a European take.