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RE7: Biohazard is scary as hell!

RE7 I think its pretty amazing they made a whole game in about a 1 block- a small area.

I thought I read RD2 online was dead. I have all DLC etc with the game. I never much play mp parts of games. If maybe its co-op and have a friend to play, I yes might. I read rockstart did people bad in gta5 band accounts for no reason. At first they encouraged and allowed mods- later they stop it. Someone come in your game maybe drop something you get band, did not know anything was wrong. RockS gets you to spend extra money on shark stuff etc. then cheat you out of it. RStar is worse than the hack cheaters. So I did not buy that game. I have them all other than gta5 and only played maybe 4 hours between them all. I never much cared for them. IMO they was always buggy janky, but I could play SaintsRTT start to finish. I did play Max Payne3 start to end.

it's more about a photographic moment.

I agree. I really like that shot that looks like a snowstorm. I feel RD2 is pulling at me, but also DoomEt and a few others. I kind of took a break for a few days.
@Lil Dyslexic doG Never liked the shark cards in GTA V since it is a way for them to control how much you can earn through the professions. You can buy gold in Red Dead Online also but at least in that game, it is very easy to earn cash/gold if you have a couple of professions. RDO is not dead, but it is quite littered with cheaters so it can be annoying at times when your horse suddenly is lit on fire or you are stuck to your horse and can't dismount. The way I see it is that they have left the game dead content wise when they could have done so much more, like introducing bank robberies, building your own houses, you name it!
I agree. I really like that shot that looks like a snowstorm. I feel RD2 is pulling at me, but also DoomEt and a few others. I kind of took a break for a few days.
I sometimes go out in certain games looking to catch a shot.

Like RD2 or HZD, I remember areas that looked good and return, but it's often catching the right light, angle of the sun, etc. In RD2 that can change in a second, and HZD has some great colours which I still haven't caught.
Killing Floor 2

An old fav of mine- over 1000 hours on Steam. I have about 500 hours in the first game. I have had 100% achievements in this game many times but normally a few times a year Tripwire adds new maps and achievements - its a kind of sneaky way to keep us in game.

I mostly play it solo even for Hell on Earth difficulty. Sometimes I play with buds, or sometimes some achieves force you to play with random online people. its not really MP, its co-op of only 6 players. Being a Steam and VAC game its no real hackers or cheaters- yes maybe poor players or grievers, even beggars.

I have to be careful what screens I post. I think rules here say I cant post screens with my screen name from other sites. Which I use over 10 diff screen names. Even the 1 I use here is same but written differently like caps and lower in diff places. For any that may not know or not catch on. Well 1- I am a little Dyslexic. I even sometimes catch myself typing backwards or typing words in the wrong place in sentence. The actual meaning of or spelling of my here screen name should be- Lil Dyslexic God. Now you know :)

I have not played this for well over a year and most of my screens are 1080 or 1440p but I did get a few in 4K today from only 1 map so far. Looks sweet in 4K but the game is not really set up for it, or say for DLSS etc. I would rather all my screens posted be 4K but some games I am not sure I will ever or even can reinstall and play them. So, I post older screens. Also, on diff maps or for events the bots have diff skins, some for holidays or others just duller or pretty than others. Pretty can be subjective, gross- better or not as artistically done or can be burnt etc etc.

My favorite class or setup is for Firebug. Normally for Boss fight I change up and go Berserker- mostly because Serk can run faster than the others, and generally can take a few more bash slash melee type hits before it goes down. I think its health or armor is a little higher. I feel its important being I mostly play solo. I do not so much run away versus retreat- trade time for ground, lol. You need distance and speed against the multi bosses in this game. The game also has multi characters and classes and weapons and skins or costumes for all- and tons of them. Some are free in game and or for events and holidays and has stuff you can pay real cash for. All is only cosmetic. A free ugly weapon of same type is no less powerful than a shiny bought skin job. Each class does have multi tiers of weapons - meaning some are more powerful than others- and the game has a light upgrade system.

Evacuation Point- map- HoE- Scrake->
This weapon is I think the Microwave gun. I use the perk for it and flame thrower types- you shoot the floor- it heats it up and the zeds walking over fry, take more damage than if shot directly. Is why I am not aiming at its head.


Barmwich Town- map->



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Borderlands 2

I have over 1000 hours in this game on Steam. Bl2 is 1 of my favs. Borderlands the first game I had retail disc and over 3,500 hours in it. I also have it on Steam but many less hours. I did carry over my last save games/ characters from my disc game. So I lost nothing. I did sadly lose all my disc games in a house fire.

I stopped playing this game a good number of years ago, not sure when. I fired it up today for some 4K goodness. I have a nice new DLC waiting for me I never seen before. I have the GOTY and bought both Ultimate Vault Hunter Packs and Tiny Tina and extra skins etc before I ever stopped playing. I got away from it after the feud between Steam and Epic.

4K looks sweet in this game. I always liked the art style of the games. I have them all other than Bl3 and Tales From Bl, I think its called. I read Bl3 is not so great, so I am in no hurry to buy it. I dont think Tales from Bl, is my kind of game. I think walking dead-ish point click play type maybe?

I am not sure if I got any more goodies for free. I like this so far. I have a few 4K screens :)

Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary->










I'm really enjoying Days Gone. It shows small town America post virus leak from a lab.

It has some great characters like Deacon, an Afghanistan Vet who utilises his skills after the US becomes a war zone.
But also Iron Mike, Skizzo, Carlos, Rikki and a host of others. There's good story lines like the hunt for his wife Sarah.
I even witnessed a scene straight out of Reservior Dogs and the action never stops.

In that garage behind Deacon there's a Rager Bear hunting for him, now that's a formidable foe!

Assassins Creed Odyssey

A beautiful game, 4K or not. I have 100% achievements in this game. I went back a few saves for some 4K screens. I might start a new game as the girl. I might go back for a few screens in Atlantis. I have all DLC'. I think I have all the A-C games other than the last one. I also finished a play through of Origins, but I do not have all achieves in that game. I have never played the other A-C games.

I did not think I would like melee and or bow games. I did not like Skyrim or The Elders Scroll games- but is more Beths poor melee mechanics fault. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt was my first I liked, so I played these 2 A-C games. I like all 3 games a lot. I also liked Batman Arkham Knight. All lovely games. Batman has a few more key binds than I prefer and is hard for me to play on keyboard. Well, the Witcher 3 has lots of keys but a little easier for me to use during combat. Batman though, its just hard for me to try and reach all over the board while trying to fight real time. I like the Bat and is a pretty game. I will post screens of them all, and Rise of- and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. IMO, all of these are some of my most pretty games. I have to get some 4K shots and even play them through again. Gees, I have tons of games I can post on/ about. :)



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Batman Arkham Knight

I cool game. A little hard for me on keyboard with the key binds. I survive- barely :) Is a pretty game in a dark gothic kind of way- 4K or not. I think I have all of the Batman games. This and Arkham City are the only ones I have played. I think I finished a play through or am very close to the end of both. I cant remember. I am sure it is lots I can play after for more achievements etc. Riddler type stuff also. The game has a few different modes if I remember right. I may need play parts of them all if trying to get all achievements.

The Bat is having a hard night of it. He is not happy->



Joker is in and hurts my Bat brain->


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FarCry 4

A big pretty open world. Looks great 4K or not. Lots to see and do. Lots to find, lots to kill. Lots of weapons and vehicles. I think the mini gyro-chopper whatever its called is my fav, I can fly around with them. The hang-glides are also cool.

I had problems finding main quests to advance the game. I found the 2 main characters hidden away deep inside one of the camps, a cave. You cant see their icons on the map. You can see Hurks icon, and now after completing a main quest at least 1 of the main characters icon is on the map. A new mission from Amita I think is her name, the other is Sabal. The game makes it a little hard to just find them sometimes though. I need spend more time and finish a playthrough and maybe buy the last 2 games. I like all of the FarCry and Crysis games, or so far anyway.

The Sasquatch Manbearpig thang is up there somewhere- In this part of the world they call them Yetis->




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Oh no!!! You've just left Catwoman hanging!?

Lol, Ivy should not mess much with the Cat- she looks pissed and would scratch Ivy' eyes out.

Naa, I like playing her when the game kicks me into it- and she and Ivy are Hot- easy on the eyes. I have older screens in 2K 1440p of both and videos and a few Animated Gifs- or did have the A-G'. Can always pull screens and make some A-G's. The Cat kicks butt and looks really good while doing so. Either gal would be welcome in real life. I will say, I always liked Red Hair- never had a GF or Wife with though. I guess such could be a future plan or goal- laughing. :)

** I had to edit my first Arkham Knight post. I did play or a lot of Arkham City. Not sure if I finished either game. I have lots of screens and videos and I think this A-G is actually from Arkham City game- 1080p screens. Imo I think Cat Ivy and Harley look better in Arkham City. I would guess over all graphics is better in the newer game Arkham Night. But the gals I prefer the older game. Guess I will reinstall Arkham City for some 4K goodness.

Sorry my bad. I get confused and play so many games.


Harley would be welcome to come home stay with me whenever she might wish also. I am sure I could not tell her no- she is surely not the type that takes no very well at all. 1440p- >

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Batman Arkham Knight

A few in 1440p. Getting my butt whipped yesterday- been so long since played the Bat I need retrain- is hard- keys all over in real time. I changed up and started playing Farcry4.

The Bat the Bat- what a lucky guy he is- >




Sorry Ladies, I have Bat things to tend to. Catch cha laters. Say- Same Bat time- Same Bat place :)

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Batman Arkham City

I did play a good part of this game back in 2012. I can't remember if I finished it or not. Steam made me start a new game. Some games the cloud goes back farther than others for some reason.

Runs and looks sweet in 4K all maxed settings. Is a few different key binds vs Arkham Night but I will survive. I do think the gals look better in this game. I have not seen them all yet being a new play through. Can always post more later. :)




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Deep Rock Galactic

A cool little game. I bought it over the 2022 holidays. I have not played it much. Today done some new things. Set up a pump station and pipelines and a rock crusher jack hammer type thing. I bought it mostly for SP but has CO-OP and can play with a few friends. I have only played solo. I dont really know what I am doing but figuring it out. It also has seasonal and holidays events and maps and I think weekly maybe even daily events or challenges. The areas are mostly dark but I tried to get a few screens. It runs well and look nice in 4K and all maxed settings. I really like my new system. I am glad I built it.

A little Trivia. Armageddon Agent- one of my many screen names- is actually a Nic. for Spawn. :)




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