Beautiful Game Appreciation

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The Split Alligator. (Well, no, that's not true. The Split Alligator is a cargo ship. It's pretty clear that this SHOULD be the one called Alligator, though!)

Sauron Station - Lord of the Rings!

HQ in Turquoise Sea

And that catches me up to my latest X4 shots. There's still some in my Steam folder that haven't been categorized yet... but meh. Time for X4 to jet.
Jun 21, 2021
So far, what I admire the most is of course games from the Final Fantasy series. it really amazed me with the beautiful and detailed world design. In addition, the character designs, monsters and eidolons are constantly improving according to the theme of each series.


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Duke Nuke'm comes to X-COM! (The aliens really never had a chance in my play-throughs.)

Deja Vu for "Capper" (she's the character you get after the tutorial mission)

The menu screens sure were well done in this game! (That's Capper again)

"Tiny" Tina

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A few XCOM posters from the War of the Chosen run I did. (Somehow, Duke became a sniper.)

Capper, the only soldier survivor of the tutorial.

Windy - a City of Heroes character that migrated to XCOM

Team pics

{Yow! The auto-resize doesn't resize these much! Switching to the thumbnail view.}


^ If it weren't for DU meter and your comment, I'd have thought my ISP went bust. Good to know some things are working and I'm in need of more bandwidth if I want to venture into this thread(again).

Also, loved Psychonauts(1)! Played it for hours and hours and trying to get the battles done right. The Easter Egg in Alice: The Madness Returns was also an amazing touch!
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It sure loads fast for me. If I control-F5 then jump down to QA's post and open the spoiler tag, I can just catch the images loading in before they finish.

Are the images PNGs? Those take vastly longer to download than a JPG.

So a little more Control....

Ah, back in the days when we could just hang around in the office without a worry