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The Black Knight always triumphs!
Some photos from my hours at the starter area in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Had to include a hanging pic.

Inside a destroyed plane. Pretty cool area, even managed to get on top of the plane and all the way to the other side.

Unfortunately, as I was trying to get further up the mountain past the plane, I was met with an annoying message with something like this: "You are leaving the area if you go any further last save will be loaded" How stupid isn't that? Talk about breaking immersion and so easily avoidable!

At Level 10 and almost 9 hours played, I am finally ready to leave the beginner area. I have a feeling Rost was growing impatient. Got some nice upgrades and put all my skills in harvesting as I like to grind and get resources/upgrades fast.


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Three +'s for health and you're still in the starting area!? You're probably rich enough to buy mid-tier armor and weapons, too. Get out of there, and try not to be too mean to the poor little sawtooth!

Yeah, I've hit those 'go back or we'll re-load' messages a few times. I've also hit a few invisible walls. Strange to see both methods in the same game, but whatever.

My own screenshots are coming out heavy on the silhouettes.

Poor Aloy was raised by a crazy man who always wore a dead baby boar and tried to blind her soon after birth:

Hunting lodge

Tutorial valley - yep, gonna be a LOT of screenshots for this game!

I have GOT to get to that thing!

Morning view


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Almost looks like I exited some kind of vault.
Have you figured out what city that is?

Just strolling through the map and came across these dudes doing some kind of sacrifice. I'm sure it's important, but I'm just there for the scattered loot.
That's the Frozen Wilds DLC! There's a lot of stuff up there that will one-shot you and not even know they did it! Including a daemonic scorcher on the way up, which I presume you snuck around.