Beautiful Game Appreciation

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Playing as a dragon looks like it could be fun and I reckon it would be good for making some nice bird's-eye shots as you engulf the enemies in flames 🔥🔥

The screenshots are taken from the south-eastern parts of Norway. Here is another one btw, showing a slice of the largest lake in Norway, called Mjøsa from the same region. (140 sq mi)
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@Ryzengang Cool attire. Igni focused clothing or just me that thinks too much red=flame?
I didn't think about that, but I do indeed have more skill points in Igni than anything else at the moment... I've been spending time doing a lot of side quests and witcher contracts, partially because finding new gear/new looks is enjoyable. The red is a recent addition!
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Aug 29, 2020
Oh! That last shot is the thing we saw the Split playing around with in Rebirth!
Yeah, I think so! I must confess the screenshots are from the first weekend X4 was released and I have not played for a very long time, after spending 24 hours in less than three days with it back then. I am waiting for the second expansion so I can get both expansions and then play again in earnest. It was very good back then and I am sure it has improved immensely since then.

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