Awesome Battle Royale mod for Dayz!

For any old or new Dayz players here or anyone who likes battle royales, I highly recommend taking a look at the Dayz Battle Royale mod - Vigrid. It was released recently and is a Battle Royale mod, similar to PUBG/Arma 3 BR, etc.

How to join:

1. Get Dayz if you do not have already
2. Download Dayz Launcher
3. Search for Vigrid BR servers (you'll find solo, duo and trio)
4. Download the mods for playing
5. Wait for one of the servers to go offline (which means the last man has died and the server is resetting for the next match) and then press play. You do need to be a bit fast pressing play, or you will end up at the end of a queue or worse, not getting in the game. This is due to a lack of servers and increasing popularity, but from my experience I normally get in 95% of the matches I join so not a huge problem.
6. They also have a discord if you want to see recent news and kill feed like the longest shot, etc-

Here is some more info/play from a YouTuber playing the mod and some pictures from some of my matches to get you into the feel of the mod:

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