Any good ARPG worth looking at?

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Lost Ark - I don't like being typecast into either a gender to play a class as or only being able to use specific weapons with that class. Its also an MMO which I am trying to avoid. If I wanted an mmo, I could play Age of Conan again as it still seems to exist. I thought it would be dead by now.

Guess I try Last Epoch, they had multiplayer added 2 weeks ago. I probably play offline anyway. Lots to learn.
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I tried it, I am not sure I like it really. GD with its 30+ class combos ruined me perhaps, I get bored after a while... that doesn't happen in GD.

not sure i like it insists on having left click as only walk. 20 years of ARPG have got us to point where left click can also be an attack. It forces you to use kb when really you could get away with a mouse. In most cases you don't use all the attacks, you have 2 that can go on left/right click. I know GD lets you choose it as a movement key but its a choice.

I might wait for it to be released, there are still some subclasses that don't exist yet. TBH I don't think that would get me back.

As far as isometric ARPGs go, I could think of of two, and those are on my Steam Wish List. One is Wolcen:: Lords of Mayhem. It still has mixed reviews on Steam, and from what I've read the initial release was buggy and incomplete, but Wolcen Studio has since made several updates to fix things. I haven't purchased it yet, but it always looks interesting.
i watched a video about this on weekend, its still buggy and there is a bug where you lose levels just by logging out and on the next day

So I think I pass on that. Shame as I am looking again...
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