Undecember (F2P ARPG apart of Nextfest on Steam)

Maybe this game will appear in the next "5 games on steam you probably missed" Weekly article since its release date is saying Oct. 12th.

So this, for me, seemingly came out of nowhere, i didnt discover it until a couple days ago, it was released in S. Korea back in January of this year i believe. Its a mobile:)rolleyes:)/pc ARPG that reminds me of Diablo and Wolcen but with a little bit of Lost Ark style pushed in. It looks and plays fine enough, it has a unique combat/spell linking system but i have yet to dig into the real meat of the game.

Thing is, its F2P and of course theres speculation about it being P2W which im sure it is, it def. has the potential to be, but i never played the Korean version and it hasnt released yet. I liked Lost Ark a lot and only lost interest because it just got boring grinding after a while, not that there werent elements of P2W throughout but that never bothered me.

There is a free demo available for it before its launch if you are a fan of ARPG's id give it a try.
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Well, the game is out, it didnt make the "5 games released on steam this week you probably missed" article :( and i dont care if people think a free game with in-game purchases means its p2w, but the game has been a blast and isnt any worse or better than other ARPGs, and no, nothing touches Grim Dawn or Diablo 2, but it isnt terrible like the reviews on its steam page suggests. Its skill system set up is unique and fun to me. The graphics are good and the story isnt all that terrible. Again, ARPG fans should play it!
I will add it my list of games I should try if I get around to it

Maybe I should buy one