Any Yugioh Duel Links Fans Around Here?

May 9, 2024
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I'm an OG Yugioh fan like I'm 31 years old and grew up with the anime and buying packs of cards and sneakily taking some of my friend's cards when they weren't looking. I recently wanted to scratch my Yugioh itch and got into Duel Links and holy crap it actually makes me feel like a kid again summoning out my Dark Magician and sending noobs to the shadow realm. Just wanting to start a discussion about Yugioh and see if any one here feels like Duel Links does a good job with making online Yugioh fun? Do you think Yugioh died a long time ago or is it better than ever? I actually became addicted to Duel Links and got really good like multiple dozen King of Games with mostly top decks and some fun decks, like I recently got it with a Dark Magician deck. If you've never played and want to play it can be confusing as heck to know what to play so I made a write-up on what to play and the best ur cards in the game. I also am lucky that I make a lot of money as an overnight Target shelf stocker so that I can buy so many boxes. I'm also addicted to opening Duel Links boxes and have spent maybe $10,000 so far. I am not the best at making decisions.
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