“A picture speaks a thousand words"

So, here I was playing Icarus (PVE Survival) with some friends and we had just built a huge house to live. This happened during this week's free weekend play, when we all went in knowing absolutely nothing. While we were inside the building one of the members decided he wanted to have it a bit brighter and lit his torch just as another guy went past him and got lit on fire. He panicked, ran around, and set the house on fire. We didn't have any technology as of yet to defeat fire, so we all just had to stand outside watching our two-hour or so house get burnt to a crisp. It was a hilarious moment and one I'll remember for some time:)

Do you have a picture with a story to share?;)


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Naturally! I think I'll cheat and a before & after shot, though.

Back in the first weeks of City of Heroes, there was a high-level mission that, at one point, would spawn a bunch of alien nasties in King's Row.

King's Row was the place you went to after you got past the beginner stuff, so for levels 5-10. Most of the people playing in King's Row wouldn't even have their "travel power" yet that let them fly/teleport/superjump. The aliens were level... oh, I think it was in the upper 30's. The result was predictable.

I can see 7 KO'ed heroes and who knows how many people instantly gated to the hospital. There's one dead alien "monkey" - which are tiny aliens that scamper around and make a bother of themselves. It probably took most of us to take it down.

Eventually, the players that were doing the high-level mission would get to King's Row and put a stop to it, but it was a blood bath until then.

The Devs altered the mission after a few weeks (or months?).

Oh! There's a second story there! Zloth's Armor (short version)

Zloth used to be a nasty, evil warrior - complete with impenetrable, utterly black armor. He got banished by some wizard... badly. Instead of sending him to the pits of Hell or whatever, he was pulled through dimensions. His armor saved him, but only a little of him. The energies of the dimension barriers weakened the armor and scorched it into a spectrum of color. His body was completely disintegrated and even his soul was damaged when he ended up in Paragon City. (Really, though, I just like prisms and spectrums - plus I wanted to see if I could do this in the character creation.)