Weekend Question: Has anyone walked in on you during an embarrassing moment in a game?


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May 3, 2022
Hey gamers, apologies for the by week and the late question. I'll be holding this one till Sunday to give everyone more time to respond. If you're new, I hit up the PC Gamer staff and forums for their answers to a regular Weekend Question and publish the answers in an article on the site. If you'd like your answer to be considered for this week's question, please share it in this thread!

This week's question is: Has anyone walked in on you during an embarrassing moment in a game?

I often find myself haunted by an observation from former PC Gamer editor Samuel Roberts on The Back Page podcast: there is no sight more unwholesome than that of an adult lit only by the light of a computer monitor. That supremely gruesome vibe is only maximized if someone you love ever has the misfortune of walking in on you when two "choombas" are bumping uglies in Cyberpunk 2077, or, god forbid, you're Naked Raiden getting choked by his stepfather who was also the president in Metal Gear Solid 2.

I have always been supremely tactical about approaching such content when sharing a house with someone else, but there have been some close calls. Have you ever had someone stumble in at just the wrong time while you were gaming?
Mar 9, 2020
I'm drawing off of a repressed memory here, but my dad walked in basically the same moment I unlocked the romance sequence with Miranda in the engine bay.

Him: Hey, whatcha playing.
Shepard and Miranda making out.
Me: Uh. Mass Effect 2.
Him: ...this is a game.
Miranda jumps on Shepard and unzips her skin tight body suit revealing her bra and chest.
Me: I think I picked the wrong option.
Him: Sure you did...


Mar 17, 2020
Yep, I remember it like it was 2009 I just got back from a deployment and I was installing a game on my deployment laptop when it happened. " Dude, is that a Macbook!" they shouted harshly from the barracks door. In a panic I replied " It's not what it looks like!"


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Apparently when my daughter was little she used to sneak downstairs and watch me play games (I always wore a headset and had no idea she was doing that). There was violent/gory/horror stuff that I wouldn't have knowingly let her watch, but nothing that I would consider embarrassing. There's not really anything embarrassing in the games I play except for my own ineptitude. My wife once watched me not be able to find my way out of a room for about an hour. Now that was embarrassing.


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