Old Gamers and Graphics

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Both are probably BS. It's probably just personal preference and has nothing to do with age, but if you are an older gamer, I'd like to hear which, if either, applies to you. Or maybe you have a third philosophy regarding age and graphics.
I play new games with new graphics, new games with old graphics and old games with old graphics (2D and 3D). :D I like when an AAA game or something that is close to it offers very good graphics (remember my anti-aliasing complains in the BG3 thread? ;) ), but this isn't a key feature for me. I like to play old games and I even don't notice outdated visuals most of the time. So I'm immune. :)

I decided to look up some examples of games I somewhat recently decided not to play because of their graphics, though I think the UI plays a big part in it as well independent of the graphics:

Battle for Wesnoth
That looks quite interesting. I might give it a try. :)
44 years young here. I started playing games in the 80s on the C64. In general i am not to concerned about Graphics in a game. I like them to look good but they don't have to be Unreal 5 ultra settings shinty good.

That being said, when it comes to old games i tend to care less in games i played back in the day than i do with old games i try for the first time, Xcom Ufo Defens looks like blocks on blocks but i love that game and it's look. However, when trying a game i never played back then I get allot more bothered about wonky looks and bad UIs etc.

I never realy play the latest and greatest looking games even now since i tend to lean towards genres that rarley push the tech like RPGs and RTS etc. One thing I have a real hard time with are modern games that tries to look "retro". It rarely works imo and when it does it is usually because the devs use "pixel" stuff because of lack of resources or skills in doing 3d modeling etc. There are exeptions to this ofc. A big dealbreaker is when the game looks "pixelarty" but the UI looks super modern.
Dec 31, 2022
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There are even bigger questions this raises - books versus text games versus low-res graphics games versus high-res graphics games versus tv/movies.

Bigger questions about how the imagination is appealed to in each, among other things. And people will have some different preferences.
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books versus text games
these two rely on your imagination to create the scenes

The rest is someone elses interpretation and if based on a book often don't match how you imagined them - I read IT by Stephen King long before seeing the movie and the spider was way more scary in my mind compared to the one in the 1st movie. I haven't seen second.

Same could be said for anything that tries to bring Dune to video... be it movie or game. The story is just too big and deep to be turned into a movie... especially if they ever get past the 1st book.
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The way your weapons constantly glow, even when not in combat, and just sheathed, in Assassins Creed Mirage just looks dumb. Its more distraction than useful. It doesn't add anything to the game apart from to say "look, we can do particles now" - its like lense flare all over again.

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