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  1. bh3bh3

    Neverwinter: Jewel of the North

    Anyone plays Neverwinter: Jewel of the North ? If you do I'll give you a digital code to unlock the Adventurer's Support Pack for Neverwinter on Arc Games. Your key is an Adventurer’s Support Pack and grants the following in-game items: 1 Stone of Health Runic Bag of Holding 10 Scrolls of...
  2. N

    Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC worth the price?

    In last 7 months I finished Cyberpunk 2077 twice, finished Witcher 3 and its expansions for the third time, completed Saints Row 3 remastered, 4 & Gat out of hell once. Although the last one was like a speed run to finish the story. Now I have added RDR2 in my steam cart. Just needed some...
  3. R

    What is your favorite Action RPG (and why)?

    Hey everyone, it's RitzyMage. I'm doing some research about what makes Action RPG's enjoyable. For your favorite action RPG (or one you've played recently), 1. What made you want to play it? 2. What was your favorite part about it? Why? 3. What was your least favorite part about it? Why? I...
  4. BackStack1002

    Are e-sports and competitive video gaming actually full of so called "cool macho" guys and not really full of nerds?

    Are hardcore gamers of competitive video games and e-sports such as FPS, competitive RTS, and MOBA really just what people call as "cool manly" guys and not really the stereotypical nerds and geeks? Is it really true that majority of the stereotypical nerds or geeks are often unskilled and bad...
  5. C

    Diablo 2 Resurrected

    We finally have the "remake" of the game. Honestly from what I've seen on Blizzcon it makes me very happy and hopeful that the game will be done properly as Vicarious Visions are managing the project itself. Most importantly the core game will stay the same, rules, movement, environment, loot...
  6. M

    Would You watch a movie about fights and combats in RPG games.

    I`m preparing the documentary about creation of fights and combats in RPG games like The Witcher 3. Would You watch it?
  7. J

    Behind the Horizon - new RPG / Farming / Nature Simulation

    Trailer Behind Horizon Hello Community I am a German game designer and programmer and have been working on an RPG and farm game for several years now, which I would like to introduce to you here. It is based on a nature simulation and the RPG part is an epic story (game duration between...
  8. sergeyrar

    Where can I download diablo 2 remastered?

    does anyone have a clue?
  9. LazyCholeric

    Question RPG game series

    Hi, I am looking for some game such as witcher, but as a series. Life is Strange is great example of game series. Do you know some? If you don't, please let me know if you want to play some sort of this game too. I want to make something like this in unreal :) P.S. Sorry, but my english isn't...
  10. onigiristudio

    Question What games rekindled your love of PC gaming?

    I went through a period of 2-3 years in my late teens / early twenties in which I basically lost interest in PC gaming after having been an AVID PC gamer from the age of 22! Until, in the early YouTube gaming days, I came across TotalBiscuit and decided to try a few of the games he had covered...
  11. SquireZed

    How To How to make your first Dungeons and Dragons character (5th Edition)

    Dungeons and Dragons has been the venerable, go-to for tabletop RPG beginners and veterans alike for years. Getting into the game, however, requires that every player have a character. Although the process can be quite intimidating, here's how to make a Dungeons and Dragon's character in Fifth...
  12. cdinkelspiel55

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I am most excited for the side quests in Cyberpunk 2077. I liked the side quests in the Witcher 3 and I have faith that these are going to be as good or even better than the side quests in The Witcher 3
  13. NeRd4Rapture

    Elex is awesome

    How many of you here know about this piranha bites game called - ELEX ? iv been a Gothic fan for a long time but for some reason i have put this game on the back burner and got into it couple of days ago... it has many flaws, like all piranha bites games does but it has some kind of special...
  14. JSimenhoff

    Question Beginners Guide for Pathfinder: Kingmaker?

    I just picked up Pathfinder. I'm in desperate need of another world to disappear into, and this iso got pretty favorable reviews from my friends. I started playing, spent hours on the character creation screen (as I'm known to do), and ended up with a bad ass sword saint. My favorite kinds of...
  15. nzyme

    Harry Potter RPG coming? It took this long?

    I'm sure you guys have seen the leaked footage of a supposed Harry Potter RPG? It was rumored that is was going to be announced this the recently cancelled E3 expo. Looks like it could have come potential. I'm surprised the richness of that world that it took this long to bring such a...
  16. Sarafan

    Future of the RPG genre

    I've been wondering lately what's the future of the RPG genre. In its history it had a lot of twists and the future is not so certain. Many people think that its golden era was at the turn of the centuries. The RPGs from late 90s and early 2000s brought a new quality to the genre. The era of...
  17. Kamaz

    Fallout inspired indie hardcore isometric cRPG SpaceWreck

    Umm, hi! I am hobbyist game developer (I was full-time but the company kind of went down) and together with my friend, just two of us, are working on a computer RPG, inspired by the original Fallout games of '97 and '98 as well as some ideas from New Vegas. The game is set in relatively near...
  18. Lauren Morton

    RPG Red Carpet Megathread - Show off your ingame passion for fashion!

    Welcome to Whose Hemline Is It Anyway? Where everything is makeup and the stats don't matter RPGs are great for epic battles and stories about different worlds but we all know that the other most important part of playing a role is looking like a total badass. Many of us have gone on the...