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Hello Community

I am a German game designer and programmer and have been working on an RPG and farm game for several years now, which I would like to introduce to you here. It is based on a nature simulation and the RPG part is an epic story (game duration between 50-200h), which extends over 5 chapters. The nature simulation serves as a base for the huge living world in which there is a lot to discover. The farm part in the game fits harmoniously into the rpg-gameplay and provides with housing, crafting, animal husbandry a lot of variety. Extensive underground areas filled with good and bad surprises offer excitement and challenges.

Behind the horizon offers a long mystical story a long way from the usual "Hero Saves the World". Rather it tells a story about the discovering of one's own nature and of the nature of the world. The community of Woodhome and the contact to the inhabitants plays an important role in the game. All dialogues, cutscenes and books with more than 400000 letters show the depth of story telling in Behind the Horizon!

The nature simulation makes sure that no game is like the other and that the landscape changes every day. The weather and the seasons are also simulated and have a direct influence on nature and the player. There are even catastrophes and special events in the simulation, which can change the landscape sudddenly.

In the settlements the NPCs go about their business and everyone can be talked to. The inhabitants have their own history and many need help or just want to chat a little. There are some difficult decisions to make and everything affects yourself and the world. Friendship and romances are also not unknown in Behind the Horizon, but more shall not be revealed here ;-) !

Well over 50 cutscenes, which bring the story forward or breathe life into certain moments. Among them are events like learning new skills as well as visions and information about the main story.

There are hundreds of items that you can find in the dark dungeons, buy from merchants, or make yourself. Potions, spells, all kinds of food and many other useful items can be built on the farm. There are numerous recipes for housing and also a lot of furniture at the local traders.

Magic is also not unknown in Behind the Horizon and the exploration to find the origin of magic is a central point in the story.

The combat system with 5 weapon types has over 30 spells. Many are also usefull while farming. Huge underground caves and dungeons with traps, labyrinths, treasures and many surprises await you. There are several boss enemies with sophisticated mechanics and also many annoying ;-) Trashmobs like the well known giant bats.

For farming there are many vegetable plants and also ALL wild plants and trees for cultivation. Animals can be kept in enclosures or stables and also small, helping companions can be found. All the plants that you harvest on your farm ca be for your own nutrition, for cooking and making magic and of course to get the desired coins to be able to buy some things at the traders of Woodhome.

The mix between farming/RPG/exploring caves and housing is up to you, but it should be said that you can have a lot of variety if you want it. Just wandering through the nature after a season is over is always exciting to me. To see what has grown, what has died, how the course of the river has changed or where the quality of the earth has improved.

The game is basically finished. Now I need the help of dedicated game testers to help me find the last bugs and give me feedback on what might need to be changed! If you feel like it, please send me a private message!

Update: The english version is now fully translated! The Game is avaiable for testing in English or German!

System requirements: A Windows PC or Laptop (Windows 7/8/10) with 4GB memory or more. It also runs smoothly on the newer Intel graphics chipsets. So hardware requirements rather moderate!








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Change Log V 1.04

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)

Magdas workspace has been reduced in summer and autumn to avoid pumpkin seeds in the surrounding area.

Changed plan for Good Buckets

The size of the catastrophes flood and drought has been slightly extended and the maximum
Number of possible floods increased.

Minor changes to the map , Bottlenecks at bridges during floods removed , access to cave entrances ensured
Rain and evaporation is now added directly to the soil by the hour instead of just once a day. This allows you to immediately see the effects of rain. At night, clear skies no longer affect the moisture in the soil.

After rainy weather in an event, the rain sound is now properly turned off

Factor for harvesting of self-planted trees and crops reduced and prices for fruits of trees adjusted, so that wild growing trees yield less than cultivated ones.

New textures for saxifrage and wild+ forest herbs.

Still need Gametesters for Behind the Horizon!
Hello, community,

Today I would like to tell you why I wrote Behind the Horizon!
I have played many games myself, especially roleplaying games, and there are only a few I like to remember, because they bring new and different ideas in.

Normally it's all about the hero who saves the world and the destruction of one or more enemies. Online games are about competing with others and being better, having better equipment, making some kind of achievement, etc.! Besides, most games are endless. Monsters get up again, quests have to be done over and over again and the grinding has reached unbelievable dimensions.

In short, as a player I feel more and more in the role of being played by the game, instead of diving into another world and experiencing a good, exciting story there. In terms of a book, it would be in something like this: After each page of the novel I first have to count all the pages of the book before I can read on ;-) !

Furthermore, the focus of many games I know is on violence and destruction. Even many construction games don't make a difference. I have always longed for peaceful, beautiful and also romantic moments in games. Unfortunately, these moments rarely or never exist. I think games should inspire people! What is inspiring about a soldier armed to the teeth who blows up an enemy tank? Are there not enough conflicts and violence in the world?

- In Behind the Horizon I tried to avoid all this and let the player dive into a living world that is constantly changing. Of course there are monsters to fight in my game, but fighting isn't the focus nor is it completely pointless, because something is really changing. The player always has an impact on the world.

The story is about the player himself and delves deeply into mystical and spiritual themes that have the potential to change your way of thinking in the real world. Behind the horizon is a "friendly" game with lovable, lively people who populate the world. Getting to know these people and telling their stories in a cheerful, nice way was also one of my goals. It should feel like home to stroll through Woodhome, visit Emma's junk shop or go to Chloé's restaurant.

You are ther center of the story and the story is like a red thread through everything you experience in the world. The tension intensifies in the last two chapters before it ends with one of the two possible endings.

Since I created this game alone in years of work and I am mainly a game designer and programmer, I had to make some compromises mostly in terms of graphics. First it doesn't feel like all of a piece, but when you play Behind the Horizon for a while, it's hardly noticeable. There may be players for whom bombastic, coherent graphics are indispensable and for whom my game is certainly unsuitable.

All others, who are also longing for a game in which you can feel comfortable, I highly recommend to give Behind the Horizon a chance!

The demo (1 chapter of the story) is available on itch io in german and english:

The final release will follow soon!






Hello Community,
After some consideration I decided to give up the round world map and extend the player's view to the whole screen. Many testers said that the unused screen area disturbed them and I now agree with that.

To make this change possible had to adjust some spells and potions in their function. For this purpose I have built a fatigue system into the game. After 16h without sleep the player gets a message that it is time to sleep. After 18h his visibility starts to decrease until he only perceives his immediate surroundings. If this is ignored, the loss of energy puts an end to the endless hustle and bustle ;-) !
Sleeping reduces the tiredness naturally. Roughly speaking you have to sleep 1h to get rid of 2h tiredness. With a 16h awake and 6h sleep rhythm this works well. By means of a spell or with potions you can also extend the time of being awake without causing negative effects.
All changes in V1.05 you can see in the Changelog.

The new version you can download on my itch io page:

Here some new screenshots:





Hello, Communnity,

there is a new gameplay video from Behind the Horizon. This time it's about the fighting system in the caves.
The huge areas of the caves and catacombs are, like the whole map of the game, are 100% hand designed and each cave is unique. There are small puzzles, traps and many little stories from the ancient times. Everywhere there is something to discover.

Have fun with the video!


You can find the latest version of the demo (Chapter 1) on my itch io page:

Hello, community,
Today I have another gameplay video for you. This time I walk through some of the different types of landscapes from the high snowy north to the deserts in the south.
In the second part unfortunately the recording software messed up the frame rate and the video stutters. But in the game everything runs smoothly :) !

Have fun with the video!


You can find the latest version of the demo (Chapter 1) on my itch io page:

Hello, community,

today I´ll tell you about magic in Behind the Horizon. Magic and its use is closely linked to the epic story of my game, and is used not only for killing monsters in the huge hand made caves, but for many other manipulations of the world. For example, later in the game you can turn land fields into water fields or speed up the growth of plants enormously.

Graphically I have a unique animation for each spell, which shows the character of the spell visually. There are 40 different spells and animations in total.

As a magician you learn new magic formulas one by one, which are mixed from substances found in the world or produced by yourself. The finished spells can be used with enough magic power. However, every spell has a minimal consciousness value. If this value is higher than the player's, the spell can be cast, but can lead to unpredictable consequences. For example, a healing spell can deal damage, or a weather spell can cause a natural disaster. The probability of this happening is directly related to the lack of consciousness.

There are also magic crystals that directly affect the surrounding fields and change the temperature, light or even water and nutrients of the soil. This gives many exciting new possibilities to create your own farm.

Indirectly, magic also finds its way into many items of equipment, where it improves basic values such as creativity or attack. Such magically enhanced equipment can be found in large numbers, bought or even build by yourself.
The release of Behind the Horizon is coming closer and closer (September 2020) and today I would like to take you with me for a day in my game.
We' ll take care of the farm's plants and animals, walk through the living wilderness of the world, visit one of the many dark caves and in the evening we' ll visit Woodhome.
The world of Behind the Horizon is 100% handmade, without repetitions and without artificial game extensions. It is alive through the simulation of nature and changes dramatically throughout the epic story.
The story is driven by cutscenes, dialogues with the inhabitants of the world and also by books and writings, while the farm and role-playing part of the game blend in harmoniously and provide a lot of variety.


You can find the latest version of the demo (Chapter 1) on my itch io page. There you´ll find also much more Informationen and Development News.

Hello, community,

today I want to tell you something about the epic story in Behind the Horizon. Of course, I don't want to put spoilers in here. The story unfolds around the player and his destiny and connects his development on the outside with his spiritual development. In the linear five chapters the player learns more and more about the nature of the world and the magic that fills all living things with life. With the power the player gains, the responsibility for his actions also increases. In the final chapters there are huge changes in the world and finally the story comes to a full circle in one of two possible endings.

In addition to the epic main story, there are numerous quest series, which partly extend through several chapters. The quests are focussed on the people in Woodhome and the Oasis, and the player learns a lot about the inhabitants and has to make some tricky decisions. All inhabitants can be talked to and most of them play a role at some point in the story.

Of course friendship and love cannot be missing in a game like Behind the Horizon, but I won't write anything more about that now.

Release will be in September 2020 !

You can find the latest version of the demo (Chapter 1) on my itch io page. There you´ll find also much more Informationen and Development News.

Hello Community,

today I publish my last post before the release on September 11th, 2020 of Behind the Horizon. It is about the combat mechanics in the caves and what you´ll find there. The caves themselves cover a huge underground area and are 100% handmade. By ambient occlusion and ambient sound, an eerie or mysterious atmosphere is created.

There are a total of 14 different types of monsters with various subspecies, which differ in size, colour and in abilities. The boss monsters all have unique spells and mechanics, and many of the "normal" monsters are also capable of simple magic. Of course there are also very simple spiders and bats, which are more annoying than dangerous ;-) !
Monsters can have a resistance against a certain type of damage and have different armor values. They also have resistance to the effects that elemental spells or enchanted weapons can cause.

The player can choose between 4 types of weapons: sabre, sword, spear, sword, spear and light+heavy bow. In addition, there are elemental spells made of fire, air, water, ice. Each element has its own temporary effect (visible). In addition, spears and heavy bows have the push effect, which pushes monsters away from the player.

Ice spells leave ice on their path and can cause stones to burst. Fire spells damage trees and destroy plants in their path and water spells replenish the water reserves of the ground.

The strength of elemental spells depends on the attack value, which is also important for normal weapons, and on magic points. For each spell there is also a minimum value of magic points, so that the player can use the spell at all. Furthermore, the player's consciousness must also be high enough, otherwise the spell will fail and may even have opposite effects.

The attack value is permanently increased by killing (many) monsters and by rare spells.

The player also has resistances to the individual elements, but these also reduce the damage he receives from this element. Very useful for enemies who attack with elemental spells.

All values can be greatly improved temporarily and it is worth cooking good potions and food or using spells for it. Bonuses do not add up, but always the strongest applies.

In the caves there are small simple puzzles and of course there are also nasty traps, invented by the demons, in which the hero has to fall.

Death in Behind the Horizon is not punished, except by running back into the cave and a few hours of unconsciousness. However, there is one exception: if you die while fighting a higher demon, it will eat the hero's life essence and you have to load a savegame.


A free Demo of the game is released on itch io:

The first Chapter of the story is fully playable!





ChangeLog V1.1 Release Version
(old savegames of the demo can be used for the new demo version)

Release of the game on 11.9.2020 - the new demo is already available today!
(for the release version a new game must be started. Demo games can unfortunately not be continued).


Bug in the event "Lassagne in the evening" fixed

No more water is drawn from water fields

A bug in the growth of animals has been removed

Some potential problems when using the teleport in closed areas have been fixed.

Enlarged the starting area of an event in a cave.

No more duplicate messages about a dead animal.


Changed Aleena's dialogue background music

The prickly pear bush can now only be bought in the oasis.

Donkeys now eat up all the ground cover little by little and then improve the soil (all soil types)

Pigs are now improving the soil a little faster, donkeys and horses a little slower than before

When using the teleporter stone to the farm, the music from the farm will now occasionally start.

Nutrient and water crystals return less nutrients and water respectively, so the rain spell, water buckets and farm animals that fertilize the soil have their place and farming is not made too easy.

Animals now hold still briefly when tamed with a spell

The player's old position is now only saved when using the teleport spell and not when travelling between stone circles or using the teleport stone.

The soil improvement of the plants was revised and adapted to the type of plants

Tooltip window has been enlarged to fit all texts.

NPC crafting stations are now private.

When fighting higher Demons that prevent teleporting the player can no longer save the game.

Quarries now produce now less stone and ore.

Emerald wood stumps and hollow trunks now give less emerald wood.

Loot now stops in front of walls so that everything can be collected.

Animals that live in a barn now have a chance of 2 eggs/milk/wool

The soil type now reduces or increases the germination time by up to +/- 2 days depending on the quality of the soil.

When enchanting animals, the spell will now immediately indicate if the animal is still too young.


The experience points of the levels of the earth have been raised slightly


Bridges are now also shown on the minimap

Instructions that were too large for the window were shortened

Now different mouse pointers for dialogues, communication with plants and animals

Mouse pointer interaction now coloured

There are now 6 (instead of 3) differently coloured cats and dogs, so that you can better distinguish your own pets.

Seeds of the Agave are now more visible.
Seeds of the coffee perennial are now more visible.
Cucumber plant with cucumbers now easier to recognise.

Various problems during floods eliminated
Adapted some walls in the caves and added a switch so that the area remains accessible even if the player teleports out.
Minor improvements all over the world map.


A free Demo of the game is released on itch io:

The first Chapter of the story is fully playable!


Dear Community,

now the time has come, the release is close and on September the 11th the time has finally come. I have been working on Behind the Horizon for over 3 years, often all night long. Now that the game is finished I want to give you the opportunity to play the game. Of course there is still something that could be extended and made more detailed and then this project would never end. A nature simulation is a never ending construction site where you can add more and more things.
The epic story is complete and feels good. The tension starts slowly and then rises and finds its end in one of two possible endings. Since the beginning is also about building the farm, housing and getting to know the world and the inhabitants of Woodhome, it is good not to feel pressured to push the story forward.

I have thought about the payment model for the release for a long time. Basically, I would have liked to leave it up to you to decide what you want to pay for the game. But after I read many reports about other developers, who in the end only got a single donation on 500 downloads, I decided differently. So the current demo with the first chapter is still available for free to get to know the game a bit.
To download the whole game you have to pay at least a minimum price, but you can also give a little bit more.
Behind the Horizon is comparable in size and complexity to many commercial games even if the graphics are not as polished and flawless, there are many completely new game mechanics inside, a huge world created with enthusiasm and love, in which you can feel at home and which you like to explore and a thrilling epic story, which is all about the fate of the player.
I had a lot of fun, but also a lot of frustration and work with the game, because to set up such a project on your own and to program the complete game yourself is anything but easy. If I had known what dimensions everything would take on, I would have lost my courage.

The savegames of the demo are not compatible with the release version. Please start a new game to begin your journey :) !

Now I still wish you a lot of fun with the game and I am looking forward to any feedback. If you feel like writing a review in the community forum at itch io ( or in other game forums, it would help to make my game more popular :) !

If you find any bugs, please write me too. I have set up an own forum for this on itch io:

The game has been running for a year without crashing and I have played the whole game several times, so everything should work. Of course there might still be some minor bugs.

Here you can download the current demo and the game in German and English language:


Changelog 1.1b Release

Compatibility of demo savegames

Many players will be happy that you can now use savegames from the demo V1.1 in the main game. Please copy the "Savegame File - Save0-4" into the "Save" folder of the main game and load it normally.
Older savegames from versions before 1.1 should not be used, because the world has changed in many places.
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Hello Community,

i have now submitted my game to to get a second platform besides ( ).

There is a wishlist where you can vote for my game to be accepted and published. If you do vote this would be a great help for me :) !

The link to the wishlist:

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Version V1.12 released

There is a new version available with improvements and bugfixes from Behind the Horizon!

The link to my page, where you can already try and buy the game

Release on Steam and maybe coming soon.


Changelog V1.12
(old savegames can still be used)


The appropriate interface size is now determined automatically when the game starts and then saved with the score. Later this can also be set manually and is also saved. However, it is not recommended to make the GUI so large that windows overlap, because then some elements are no longer accessible.

Speech bubbles position at the player optimised

The active tool in the quick bar can now be changed with the scroll wheel of the mouse.

In the Quest Overview and Library, the list can now also be moved using the mouse scroll wheel.

A dollar symbol has been changed into a euro symbol :) !

New magic that allows to transfer animals from one stable to another or to unbind the connection to a stable.

An event starter has been changed

Texts for the load and save dialog were translated into English.

Error in the calculation of dealer prices (Affection Boni) fixed


I would be glad to get your opinion and every feedback on the game :) !


Here you can find all links to my RPG, Farming and Nature Simulation Game:

The old trailer of the game can be seen here:

Because a lot has changed already (the trailer is about 1 year old) I have recorded some more gameplay videos:

Fighting in the Caves:

Take a walk in the wilderness:

Visiting Woodhome:

The Farm:

..and here the most actual Gameplay Video: A new day:

My link to my page on with all articles, sceenshots and devlogs and currently the only place to test and buy the game:
Release on Steam

My page on Steam is now online and Behind the Horizon will be published there on November the 11th ! If you want to have a look at my shop page:

I´m always thankful for some feedback to polish up my game :) !

Update V1.3 - Polishing the game

Today is the day and the second major update to my game Behind the Horizon goes live.

This time it is about making it much easier for new players to enter my world and to improve the communication between game mechanics and players.

In the two months since release, I noticed that there were many areas in the game where players wanted more information and especially a more direct access to them.

In this update I have therefore added tooltips in many places that describe items and functions briefly and directly. There are also many new shortcuts to access game menus or functions..

Some of the new tooltips can also be switched off, in case they become superfluous at some point and only interfere with the flow of the game.

The harvesting tools (sickle, basket and ladder) have been given a completely new feedback system that, in addition to their function of harvesting, they can also serve as tools to identify plants and trees and give information about them. For example, they can tell you the name of the plant, the time needed for seeds to germinate, or whether plants are flowering at this time of year, and so on.

The communication with tamed farm animals has also been heavily revised and now offers the possibility to speak to the animals as usual, so that they follow you or work for you, or (from a greater distance) to call up a small window with information that shows the name of the animal, how many days it has been tamed, whether it is housed in a stable, whether it can be sheared or milked, etc..

For NPCs there is a similar function and in the corresponding window you can then see the name, the profession and the affection you have collected from this inhabitant so far.

The game manual has also been heavily revised and is now more appealing and it is easier to find the desired information there.

Basically, this big update is also related to the previous V1.21-V1.28 in which many other functions were already implemented in this context.

- Automatic tooltips for items in many menus were introduced there, as well as the large-scale overview of the ground conditions at your farm.
- In addition, many more quests have been given a destination area.
- The whole system of speech bubbles from the player has been redesigned and many messages now contain specific information instead of a short statement like "Impossible!".
- There is an option to add a marker on the map that is saved with the game.
- Sorting items into chests is now easier than ever, as items search for the pile to add to within all crafting chests.

In addition to all this, there are of course the usual little things like fixing small bugs that pop up every now and then.

You can read the full patch notes in the community section.

Gametrailer English:

Here is the link to my shop page at Steam:
Hello Community,

Behind the Horizon has been released on Steam for over two months now and I think it's time to tell you, who have followed the development of my game since last June, what's new.
Since release, I have released two major updates and countless small improvements. I was pleasantly surprised that there were only very few bugs and I could concentrate mainly on polishing the game. For example, the first update added a mount along with new quests and areas, and the second addressed the fact that many players were struggling with the depth of the nature simulation.

Together with all the other small improvements, Behind the Horizon has now reached a point where it can be learned and played well by anyone who likes my ideas and game mechanics.
In the meantime, there is a small community who all appreciate the game very much and who continue to help me fix every little bug via the forum there.

There are some youtubers in German and English speaking countries who regularly publish Let's Plays and they are also a valuable source of information for me, how you insgesamt like my game and what you would like to see in the future. The main story is (cleverly ;-) ) designed in such a way that it creates opportunities for many more adventures in my world, and the nature simulation also always offers new possibilities.

Finally, a request to anyone who wants to and has the opportunity to do so: Help me to make Behind the Horizon more popular. Marketing is hard work when you don't have a lot of money to spend on advertising, but if you help me, I'm convinced that Behind the Horizon can be as successful as Stardew Valley once was. I'll post all the links to the game here again. Many thanks to all who help :) ! And feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

The links to the game:

Here is the link to my shop page at Steam:


Gametrailer English:
In this update I have finally taken care of the status GUI and redesigned it. Now everything is integrated in the quick bar and the rest of the screen belongs to the display of the world.
I hope you like it and don't feel too bad about the change. All functions are still available.

Also, I turned off the environment occlusion on the surface of the world. It didn't make sense there and didn't look nice.

The last major change concerns tiredness and presentation of cutscenes. Here the frame texture of the image section has been removed. Instead, there is now a smooth transition into black, which looks more harmonious and not so much like looking into a tube.

Below you will find the complete list of changes.

I hope you all enjoy the new features!


Patch Notes V1.37


- In Alfred's and Magda's farm shop you can now buy an animal whistle with which you can call all tamed pets within a radius of 25 fields (cats, dogs, squirrels, llamas) on your farm to you. They then show via emote whether they are already very hungry and you can feed them more easily.
The animal whistle can be used like a tool or activated with the Q key in the quick bar (blue frame).

- On the surface, I have now deactivated the environment occlusion, as it looked unnecessary and simply not nice there. This way the world is now even more different from the dark caves, which is good for the atmosphere.

- Tools (including improved ones) can now be sold at the merchant (no longer at the craftsmen).

- Some prices for raw materials and animal products have been adjusted to improve the balance.

- Some speed bonus values for equipment and permanent spells have been slightly reduced.


- Removed the texture I had used to limit visibility (fatigue and events) and replaced it with a smooth transition to black instead. I think this looks better and is less reminiscent of a fisheye effect.

- For dialogues and speech bubbles I used a new font that is much more readable, which will surely please many.

- In the GUI, many small visual improvements have been made that increase readability and are more visually appealing. The fonts have also been unified.

- The main status GUI has been completely redesigned and all displays are now integrated in the quick bar. All functions of the individual sections and displays still work as usual.


- When quickly casting the invisibility spell with the Q key, a check for nearby monsters has also been added.


- Added text for the whistle.
- Texts for the new status GUI adapted.
- Some bugs fixed.
Hello Community,

The update V1.4 is about the textures of trees and paths and includes many other small improvements. The textures of the trees were stretched in the past and therefore the trees did not look so good in the game. Now the textures are integrated into the game in double resolution.

The trees now grow gradually to full size and each have three different textures in their growth phase, which provides more variety.

The road textures have also been renewed and integrated into the game in a different way, which makes them look more harmonious.

With this update the polishing of the game is finished as far as I can see. It feels all in all good.
Next on the agenda are two more big content updates that continue the main story and answer unanswered questions, while of course also expanding the nature and farm area (new plants and trees, new animals and new nature events). Of course, this will take time and cannot be done in a weekly cycle as before. I will take it easy with these addons, because the last time was quite exhausting.




Trailer English

Here is the link to my shop page at Steam:
Hello Community,

the time has come again and a new major update for Behind the Horizon is available.

This time it's all about the graphics. I have integrated a new lighting system that creates very nice plastic effects with normal and specular mapping. Especially the caves have benefited enormously from this. On the surface, the effects are less noticeable because you are usually there during the day.

In addition, many textures (especially the paths and roads) have been improved or replaced, decorations added and transitions embellished.

The third major improvement concerns the starting map. There I went through the entire underground areas again and redesigned almost all the floors and stone tiles, so that there are now no more sprawling, monotonous areas. So I can only recommend everyone to try out the new starting map, i.e. to start a new game.

In addition, there are the usual minor adjustments and a few bugs that have been fixed.

You can see the list of all changes on my website or in the Steam Community section of Behind the Horizon.

Enjoy the game


To launch the update, there is also a newly designed trailer:



Here is the link to my shop page at Steam:
Hello Community,

This weekend you can buy Behind the Horizon complete and with future updates at for half the price! generously gives up its part of the sale, which I additionally pass on to you :) !

If you prefer to buy on Steam, my game will also be available there at the end of May in the Open-World Event with a discount!

Here is my page at itch: