What is your favorite Action RPG (and why)?

Apr 13, 2021
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Hey everyone, it's RitzyMage. I'm doing some research about what makes Action RPG's enjoyable.

For your favorite action RPG (or one you've played recently),

1. What made you want to play it?
2. What was your favorite part about it? Why?
3. What was your least favorite part about it? Why?

I recently played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and loved it! I was recommended it by a lot of people
before I eventually gave in and bought it. Breath of the Wild looked fun; watching people play was actually
very interesting.

My favorite part was the nonlinearity compared
to earlier Zelda titles (where I was often confused about what I was supposed to do next). The fact that I could go
in any direction and complete any quest made not knowing what to do on a specific quest removed this confusion.
The nonlinear progression allowed me as a player to make meaningful choices.

My least favorite part was switching out an item when my inventory was full. In general, I think the UI of Breath
of the Wild is pretty good, but this one action was super annoying. I often would have my weapon stash full and then
find a treasure chest with a good weapon. The game would then tell me that my inventory was full and close the chest.
I then would have to open my weapons menu, choose a weapon I didn't want, equip it, throw it, and then reopen the
treasure chest, which would show the UI for the new weapon once again and THEN I can get it. For something that I
did a lot during the game, this is way too complicated. All in all, this is a minor complaint, but it still bugged me.
In order for me to answer this in a way that's helpful to you, I would need to know how you define an Action RPG. Because depending on the person, that can be anything from Diablo to Skyrim to Mass Effect. Do you have a line where you'd say, "Nah, that's not Action RPG, that's just regular RPG"? And I don't mean to be difficult, I just want to be sure I'm on the same page. (It would also affect what I'd call my favorite or most recent.)
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RPG definitions blur between different gamers. Each of us, as gamers, have our own internal definitions of what an RPG is, or an ARPG, so as Krud stated, a more precise definition of what you consider to be an ARPG would help.

For me, ARPGs begin with Diablo 1&2. Those 2 games influenced so many ARPGs that came after them: Dungeon Siege 1&2, Titan Quest, Sacred 1&2, and more recently (although still several years old) Grim Dawn.

For me, Diablo 1 & 2 are the two most memorable ARPGs I've ever played, and I don't play many, as I'm more of a "true" RPG player (and the statement "true RPG" is going to have as many opinions as there are gamers).

So, going back to your questions, with Diablo 1 & 2 as my answer I would say:

1) I played because the atmosphere of the game just kept me wanting to see more, how many hordes of monsters could I defeat, and trying with different character types.

2)Loot. Plain & simple. The drive for better loot, finding Legendary equipment, or trying to complete matched sets that were for your character.

3)Least favorite will always be boss battles. I just really hate them. Not minor bosses, but "end of level" type bosses.
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Apr 15, 2021
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If you don't have thousands of hours of extra time, then D3 is the best game in its genre. But this game is for 20-30 hours, well, a maximum of 50 hours, if you pass several times. Path of Exile is raised to the skies by people who have nothing to do in life except games - and for whom a few dozen hours is not enough-Path of Exile is able to absorb hundreds or even thousands of hours of life. But in terms of the quality of performance, graphonium, as well as details, the D3 is undoubtedly the best, even in 2K21.
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If you don't have thousands of hours of extra time, then D3 is the best game in its genre.


I mean, yea the diablo series is by far my favorite ARPG, then id put Grim Dawn followed very close by PoE. Wolcen is ok too, theres a Warhammer 40k ARPG too that i like too because its Warhammer, the game mechanics and stuff are boring but..40k!


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We do have an RPG subforum, ya'know....

Witcher 3 for me, and not by just a little bit. VERY VERY good storytelling, great graphics (that worked well with 3D Vision), reasonably good combat, and all-around high production values made the game extremely fun for me. Down sides? You're looking for Ciri but you don't know where she is, though you think person X does. So where's X? Well, person Y might know. Where's Y? Z was with him last so.... eeeesh, seriously over-used plot device there CDProjekt! (They even made fun of it a bit in the game.)
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