Wor L dle—Geography version of Wordle

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Man, I didn't guess the right one because I thought we had already had that fairly recently, and I didn't think they would reuse countries. If I knew they reuse countries, I probably would have guessed correctly earlier.

#Worldle #156 4/6 (100%)
Man, I should have gotten this in 1 try. But I thought we just had this one recently, and I was thinking it looked slightly different, so I chose the next one over.

#Worldle #158 2/6 (100%)
Boom, baby! Stuff it, Brian! :LOL:

I knew it was one of two around there, and I chose correctly.

#Worldle #159 1/6 (100%)

Oh that's right, you're a real man of the world now!
You need to get MS Flight Sim and you can finally leave home :D
Haha. I actually tried Flight Simulator out on Game Pass, and I thought it royally sucked. I didn't like it at all.
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Pride cometh before the fall…
Says the guy that lost! :LOL:

Probably just not your thing then, seems to be generally well received. At least it was 'free' for you :)
Yeah, I never would have paid for it. That's one good thing about Game Pass. It's letting me try things out I'd never pay for. I've found some gems that way, but also several that I ditched pretty quickly.
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