Wor L dle—Geography version of Wordle

You get 6 guesses to name a country or territory—you're shown a map outline.
Each guess tells you how far your guess is from the target, and what direction the target is from your guess. There's a proximity column too, which seems useless to me.

#Worldle #30 4/6 (100%)
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#Worldle #33 X/6 (98%)

I was so close, but couldn't remember what other countries were in that region that might fit the outline.
#Worldle #36 3/6 (100%)

Should've got it in one :( I was 99% sure it had to be an island—who would draw borders like that? Just couldn't think of it until the directions & distances twigged it.

Easy peasy
Told you you'd do well at this :)

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