Wor L dle—Geography version of Wordle

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Harrumph! I think the pic for this one is wrong.

There are 2 other islands as part of the Caymans—an old workmate worked there for a while. There's Grand C, Little C, and another I don't remember the name of. Pic only shows Grand C, which put me off :( Boo!
How did you learn the shapes of the countries?
Simply by seeing so many dozens of times—not a conscious learning. Same way most would probably recognize the shape of their own country—repeated exposure.

without knowing where all of the countries are?
Well I know where most of 'em are, I certainly know that better than shapes. I've always been into world affairs, I know or have known people in lots of different countries… Mainly just an interest followed for 5 decades :)

Islands are what mostly get me, especially the smaller Caribbean and South Pacific ones. Plus that bunch of countries jammed together on the west African coast, altho I nearly have those clear now.

Recall is actually an issue—I know a shape, but can't put the name on it. Like knowing a face…
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