Windows 11 not recognizing NVME M.2 drive

Sep 4, 2023
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Hi, after I installed raid drivers from the MSI support page, my NVME drive disappeared and cannot be used. I tried restarting my PC, reinstalling Windows, resetting CMOS, and updating BIOS. At first, it showed up as hidden in the device manager, and I don't see it on disk management. I then uninstalled it from the device manager in hope that when I restart my PC it will show up.

I suppose I didn't have to install raid drivers at all and probably that is what caused this problem.

The drive is visible in BIOS as shown in the picture, but not anywhere else. HELP, what do I do??

P.S. It's a brand new NVME I used it for a month now. (Kingston)

Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You've taken screenshots of the BIOS but you conveniently cropped out the make and model of your motherboard and the BIOS version as well. You can include the info, not the images, in an edit or a followup post.
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