Question Why am I getting such bad frames? i5-9600k and RTX 2060 hitting 40fps in MC!

Nov 11, 2022
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Hi Guys,

I'm a bit of a scrub when it comes to understanding PC's and I need some help!

I'm currently struggling to pull more than 50 fps on MC without any texture packs or shaders. My rig can run other games such as the the latest COD MW2 and I can't figure out why it's performing so bad on MC.

For context my PC is about 3/4 years old. I have also been advised to run MSI afterburner to get some all important information. While using afterburner I can see my CPU is consistently hitting 100% usage while running MC while my GPU fluctuates around 15%-35%. The temperature of both is steady and around 48°C. When running shaders the CPU again is a consistently around 80% to 100% usage and the GPU jumps up to around 60-80% however the GPU temperature can hit around 82°C. It's also worth noting that im not using super high quality shaders just the simple BLS shaders.

Build and monitor

MSI Z390-A Pro
Corsair DDR4 x2 8gb
Geforce RTX 2060
Corsair TX 500M
Fan: Be quiet BK021
Monitor: AOC Gaming G2590FX, 144Hz

Surely with the above specifications I shouldn't be pulling low frames and all round bad performance when playing MC? I have been considering upgrading my CPU to an i7 or i9 but from what I can see online it sounds as though my i5-9600k and RTX 2060 should be more than adequate! Again, i'm not much of a PC wizard (clearly) and I'm feeling really lost in regards to what I should do to either improve the perfomance with my current specs or what to buy to upgrade the rig.

Any insight would be MASSIVELY appreciated!
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Nov 11, 2022
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Yes it is, i've been writing MC to avoid the spam filter as I am a new account, apologies!

Power supply: Corsair TX-M series TX 550M
Monitor resolution: 1920x1080 & 144 Hz
Case: NZXT H510
There is the CPU cooling fan which is the Be Quiet BK021 and 3 PC fans one at each end of the case and one above the cpu fan.
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