What's your Gamer Profile say?

Here's mine:


I’ll post the full desktop screenshot later tonight. I think this is mostly true, especially the solo bounty hunter part. I do prefer to play solo, and if it’s an online game I prefer working with other players not against. The bard per though, I would say it is true but I don’t play much MMO’s or online games in general these days. I do enjoy a good hub world full of other players and typically enjoy interacting with them or doing silly things like emoting and dancing. When I was big into Elder Scrolls Online, I would playfully annoy people by strumming my lute right next to their groups.
Architect matches my MBTI archetype—any of you tried that?
Yeah, but I don't remember what my archetype is. We had to all do it, but we never used it for anything. I was supposed to use it to better manage my employees, but I just told them to shut up and get to work. I patted them on the back occasionally to make up for it.


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I got the Bard:

Achievement really should have been higher. The questions all asked if I strived to get EVERY achievement. I don't do that, but I do try to get a lot of them. Community was tricky, too - I like having a community, but few games really offer much of one. I end up doing things like talking on these boards and making the occasional guide.

I'm not too sure on mine. I was sort of waffly on a lot of the questions, with the exception of the Achievement and Multiplayer ones, two things I just don't care about in games.

I do suppose I try and master games and be the best that I can be at them, but I don't care about competing with anyone else. But it really depends on the game as far as trying over and over and over to master a thing; Dark Souls, yeah. Any Roguelike? No, not really. I do think the motivations seem generally correct though.
a lot of the games they recommend I own.

my recommendations since I owned most of them

That means the model is very good at identifying games for you. About 75% of my recs I own or have wishlisted—however, it did include a bunch of RPGs in the rest… am I sliding down the slope to perdition? :eek:
I didn't get the method difference, did they explain that somewhere?
Yes, right under the recommendations.

For the Gamer Neighborhood Method:
Starting with your Gamer Motivation Profile, we first identified the 1,000 most similar gamers in our data set. Then, we tabulated all their favorite games and adjusted these frequencies by each game’s baseline popularity. Thus, a QF score of 2 means that gamers most similar to this profile are twice as likely to list this game as a favorite compared to gamers in general.

And for the Game Distance Method:
Starting with the games you mentioned that you enjoy playing, we identified the games in our full catalog that are most similar in terms of their motivation profile (i.e., shortest distances from the games you enjoy). Thus, a shorter distance means a higher similarity to the games you enjoy.