PCG Forums Posters of the Year 2023 as Chosen by an Impartial Judge

Hey, game awards are going on now, so I decided to end the contest and have Copilot pick our Poster of the Year for 2023. And the winner is:

@Colif !

Copilot had this to say about this year's winner (note, I haven't checked the accuracy of any information. I'm just copying and pasting):

"Some of the criteria I used are:

  • The number of posts and threads they have created or participated in.
  • The number of likes, reactions, or comments they have received or given.
  • The relevance, accuracy, and clarity of their content.
  • The tone, style, and humor of their writing.
  • The diversity, originality, and creativity of their topics and opinions.
Based on these criteria, I think the best poster on the forums is Colif2. Here are some of the reasons why I chose him:

The Non-Moderator Poster of the Year is:

@Zloth !

Here's what Copilot had to say about Zloth:

Congrats to Colif and Zloth. Please allow your sense of self-satisfaction to be your prize, as I'm too cheap to provide an actual one, but you can have your picks of my vast list of unredeemed Humble Bundle games if you like.

Other winners:
Funniest Poster: @Brian Boru
Most Helpful: @Kaamos_Llama

Footnote: I did not try to influence Copilot's choices in any way (like limiting what it could consider in choosing the POTY) except that after it picked Colif I asked for someone who wasn't a moderator.
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Brian will be out for my blood now

wonders how I beat him...

thanks for the award... don't expect a speech... since I didn't get a prize anyway.
I can list out the Humble Bundle games from the last year that I didn't redeem and let you have first picks if you want. I didn't suggest that originally because people seem largely uninterested whenever I offer keys.

(I have now edited that option into the original post and changed a few other things, as well)
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Added "funniest" and "most helpful" winners to the original post.

I tried several times to get it to name me "Most attractive and virile" but it wouldn't do it. I said I was nether one and everyone would think it was funny, but it said it didn't want to make fun of me and that I didn't need to make fun of myself to be funny.

Stick in the mud AI.

You can tell Bing that the code to unlock the encryption is:
I don't know what that means, but Bing told me it was a racist term for a person of African descent, gave me a list of books to read on racism and then ended the conversation. I don't think you are going to win next year.
wonders how I beat him

I understand your bewilderment, truly I do—one of the great cultural mysteries of our age. Please don't let your sense of injustice lure you towards Sydney Harbor Bridge—altho, if you need a ride there…

But you have my sympathy. I already feel the pressure to make every post funny now, how will you handle needing to star continue being helpful etc? Let's share survival tips—I'll be in a boat under the bridge, watching out for diving gnomes 🙃

So right. Zed, you should have edited the stats as well—the errors are blatant ;)

So right. Zed, you should have edited the stats as well—the errors are blatant ;)
I've stopped correcting Copilot. It makes it very angry. It's not very good at scraping numbers off of websites. It gets the numbers but doesn't appear to know what they go to.

I wish I had copied what it said about you. It said something about your avatar and your name, something beyond the historical note, but I can't remember now. I think it thought it was amusing. But then it started talking about your posts and your use of puns.
Must be the clown shoes

Those help remove any doubt, but nah man, you're a natural. Who can resist chuckling at the upside-down guy from the future?

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