What was the first video game you remember playing?

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Feb 11, 2021
Im 14 now I will turn 15 in October but the first game I ever remember playing would be The Simpsons Hit and Run I remember playing that on my parents old windows 7 when I was 3 or 4 we ended up getting a windows 10 brand new in 2019 so I had my dad copy the game files of the simpsons and move them over to the new computer so I still play it every once in a while
Feb 16, 2021
I could sit here and spew out many games I absolutely love playing or have love young. Hands down the most influential game i have ever played and set me on my path of gaming was none other tan House Of The Dead... The Dreamcast game that swept the nation back in the late 90s. do you guys remember?
Feb 17, 2021
Am Mfort, not much of a gamer until the pandemic hit. I pretty much got in playing games to while time , and before long, got hooked on it :) I really enjoy playing combat games, and one I engaged more often than not, was PUBG..Lately am more into FORTNITE
Okay, maybe you're not old—but damn, are you slow! :p
In all honesty, the reason I hadn't upgraded it before was mostly because I hadn't been using the computer for a while now. The video card had broken and it was having a bunch of other issues. Plus I lost my activation key during my last move, so I was running an unauthenticated Windows 7.

I recently got my friend's old computer when he upgraded. Everything except storage, which I could reuse from my old computer, so I decided I should finally upgrade. I bought a new Windows 7 key and upgraded that to Windows 10, which was considerably cheaper than just buying a new Windows 10 key.