What are your favorite PC Puzzle games?

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Jul 26, 2021
Hehe, there were quite a few puzzle games which I liked. Lemmings was definately one of them, also I loved Zuma and even recently got it again on Steam ;) but I would not consider Zuma a puzzle game because it doesnt involve a lot of thinking.

I didnt get too much into contact with puzzle games until recently on GameJolt I randomly found this new game Kusari Kingdom which is a bit like Domino. I'm not sure how many levels will be available but this game sure has potential!
The puzzle games I remember from my childhood, sadly I dont remember their names. So I would say currently(!) Kusari Kingdom is my favorite and I'm looking forward to see version 1.0

I hope it's ok to post the link here: Kusari Kingdom on GameJolt
Antichamber is great. I think people who like Portal and Talos Principal would enjoy it. It's impossible to describe, though.



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I really don't even think of Tetris as a puzzle game. You're putting pieces together but you're getting random pieces thrown at you that you have to place quickly. If they showed all the pieces that were going to fall and let you put them in one by one, sure, but it seems more like an action game with the short time limit.

P.S. Oh bother - I posted the wrong link for Outer Wilds on the first page. Too late to edit it now, but it's:
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P.S. Oh bother - I posted the wrong link for Outer Wilds on the first page. Too late to edit it now, but it's:
fixed :)
Aug 12, 2021
i remember playing neighbour from hell 1 & 2 back then. it's a fun game and quite challenging to reach perfect score
Aug 26, 2021
Tetris Effect Connected is just crazy good. I recently lost my Tetris coach/best friend far, far too young - but he was the Tetris god. I only wish we woulda found that game when we had a bit more time.
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