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Feb 9, 2020
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Sooo im currently trying to build my first gaming pc. I had to take a break before i smash it all to pieces in all honesty. Its the motherboard specifically, i can not seem to get it in the case properly! Im using the fractal define R6 USB-C case and the aorus x570 master motherboard. The case has standoffs pre-installed thats all fine and good. Its the IO shield im having issues with, i was told it would snap in place, its not doing that. Also, to me it looks way off like its not even supposed to go there. The shield comes installed on the motherboard so i cant just force it in. The way its shaped almost makes me think that im supposed to get it in from the back of the case and angle one side in first before pushing it in but thats ridiculous and iv never seen anyone do that ever.

So whats the deal here what am i doing wrong? Its possible that im being too careful with it because i dont want to break anything but i just feel like something is wrong, the videos iv seen of people using this motherboard seem to just be able to get it in there without problems.

Edit: I managed to get the thing in there. The IO shield still looks weird to me, there is a small gap (about 2 mm) on the top part of it where you can see into the case. The standoffs aligned perfectly though so im just going to assume its supposed to be like that and move on. Also, i guess IO shields that come pre-installed on the motherboard dont do any snapping and you are just supposed to align it best you can and thats it because mine didnt snap in place anywhere and had i forced it i would have for sure broke something.
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Jan 13, 2020
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Depending on the board and the case those shields can really bring out one's OCDs. If the board is grounded properly and the ports are usable, then just count your lucky stars and walk away my friend! Do not drive yourself nuts with that small imprecision.
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I had issues too with the IO shield and my case, it kept falling off and when it finally was in place properly I had to use a lot of force to get my motherboard over the pre-installed standoffs. I got it done eventually but I feared for breaking my mobo, so I'd be carefull with that indeed.


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