The Currently Playing & Random Game Thoughts Thread (May 29 to June 4)

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I have been spending the last few days, or at least part of them, looking in to "Old Skies". This will be the latest offering from Wadjet Eye Games. It is an adventure game but with some interesting features. I have read two previews and there is some info on GOG. First this is a "keeping the time-travelling rich out of temporal trouble" by Imogen Mellor of PC Gamer. So your main character is a "tour director" keeping the said tourist out of trouble. This lead to humour, danger and even changing history.

They are also moving away from the let's try everything in my inventory to see if I can open the door etc. The example they give is the safe combination that is split across 3 people. You have to get them to tell you but once one does then you die.

The graphics have now moved from pixels to HD - hurray! The point of previous offerings has always been the story so let's hope that the improvement of graphics is not at the expense of the narrative.

You won't be surprised to hear that this is on my GOG and STEAM wish lists. Though the expected date seems fuzzy - PC Gamer saying in 12 months time, STEAM & GOG saying soon. Define soon!
Calling @GuidoTheGamer you gotta watch this!


I found this Gameranx video pretty interesting:


0:19 Number 10 - The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
1:23 Number 9 - Battlefield 3
2:25 Number 8 - Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal
4:21 Number 7 - The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
5:43 Number 6 - Fallout New Vegas
7:25 Number 5 - Wind Commander
8:43 Number 4 - Half-life
9:59 Number 3 - The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker
11:00 Number 2 - World Of Warcraft
11:53 Number 1 - Fallout 3
I haven't really been playing anything besides Dragon Quest XI at the moment, which has been fantastic so far. I must admit, though, it may not have been wise to have started DQXI while having recently started FFVI. Going from a beautiful 3D world with full voice acting to a 2D pixel game without it is a pretty large difference in immersion for me.

On a different note, I did recently do a fresh Windows 10 install since I got a new NVME SSD, so I've been getting everything to my liking in terms of settings, downloading programs, etc. I only have 2 slots for NVMEs in my system and one of them was a 250gb boot drive. I didn't want one of my two slots filled with such a low capacity drive, so I bought a 1TB gen4 drive to replace it. Everything is up and running smoothly and I have 750gb more storage space now. If my internet wasn't complete garbage I probably wouldn't have 4TB of storage, but I don't really like to uninstall games because they take ages to re-download.
Calling @GuidoTheGamer you gotta watch this!
He hasn't been on in ages. Will get him to watch it.

I found out yesterday (and more today) that the reason I was crappy at racing games lately was because the controller I replaced my old Xbox controller with was not good. Now I have a new Xbox controller and the difference is just amazing.

I made this post here about it.


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For a second, I thought that might be some sort of sequel to Alpha Protocol. Not.

I went poking around on YouTube a bit, too, and found something to gripe about. "This game is so underrated!" A Gameranx video I just watched said that about Outer Wilds. In fact, Outer Wilds got HUGE ratings! The problem is, most folks either didn't hear about it or just didn't believe it for whatever reasons.

That doesn't make the game underrated, though. That makes the game overlooked.

I fear we are literally going to have another definition switch here! ;)


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