The Currently Playing & Random Game Thoughts Thread (4 September to 10 September)

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TWW3 I took care of Rasputin, and everything is back the way it was before he attacked, plus I have two extra settlements, but I told Guido that I wanted to end this campaign because the AI never thinks I'm going to win a battle, and I have to manually fight everything, which is annoying in a co-op game. I'm not sure what the problem is. I have created well-rounded armies, which the AI tends to appreciate, and I even recruited warpfire cannons from Guido's faction, so my armies are theoretically better than they should be, but the best I seem to be able to hope for in any confrontation is a pyrrhic victory with multiple lost units and every other unit on death's door. I thought maybe it was because Norsca is very weak in ranged units (but fairly good in flying units), so I recruited a couple of the best of the Skaven ranged units, and it didn't make any difference. Know idea what the issue is. I'm probably going to play a single-player Norsca campaign because I enjoy their units, and I never even got to do a monster hunt.


The Trial was much better in Forza this week (a team of humans vs unbeatable AI). It was a stock race, so you couldn't upgrade anything and everyone's cars were identical. That makes the first few turns of the race a bit of a disaster as half the humans don't brake enough and you end up in a pile of cars. Was pretty fun, though. I won the first race, but wasn't very familiar with the second course and came in third after hitting the same turn incorrectly in both the first and second laps. Good thing there's no damage in these races because I dragged along a brick wall for 20 meters on the first lap. What can I say, the turn was uphill, so I thought the grip would be better. I was not correct.
I continued my war against the Dark Elves. Annoyingly, most of their territory is apparently in the North, where my armies suffer attrition unless I encamp, which uses half of my movement and which isn't possible right after attacking. So now I'm just occupying their lands even though I have no real use for them, just so my armies don't waste away in the cold after a battle.

Also annoyingly, I missed one of their armies sailing to two cities I already destroyed and reclaiming them, so I had to send an army back to deal with that before they take even more.

All I want is some peace and quiet so I can go get a dragon and claim the other magic forests in the world.
Talking about moving right after attacking, since this latest update, you really have to be careful and check how far all the enemy armies can move before you decide what to do with a settlement because if there is any way possible to trap a weakened army inside a city it just took, the AI will take that opportunity. It happened to me so regularly that now if an enemy army is within striking reach (even if it's an army from a different faction), then I will raze or sack the city instead of taking it over and come back to it later.
What you're describing is the intro. It's not a great game, but after the intro it becomes more like a Resident Evil game. RE7 is completely different, a fantastic game.

I played the old Resident Evil games with a friend and quite liked 5. I played a few hours of 7 and it was too creepy for me to play alone.

All that to say, you might find you like 7 @SleepingDog, they re-invented the series again and made it real creepy.

Thanks for the advice. I will probably give RE6 another go in the near-ish future. For now I bought RE5, had fun with the "Games For Windows" setup and the "missing" xlive.dll file. Groan.:rolleyes: Still it is working now.
Far Cry 5—need help

How do I do the "Flavor Country" side mission? Where you need to kill 4 antlered animals with a vehicle for the chef dude.

I took a truck into a couple of designated areas, but waste of time. The animals would just dodge off to the side when I chased them. I'm a poor driver, but not that poor—eg I can always complete driving missions in games, fueled mainly by gallons of grumbles :)

I tried a chopper, as suggested on Steam thread. Not an animal in sight—would they really hang around near a big noisy chopper?

It's very annoying because the map is littered with ~a dozen designated locations for the mission—which makes tracking down legit outstanding missions a pain.

I recall in a previous playthru I tried driving up and down a road in deer country, but no joy with that either. Mightn't count anyway, I don't know if a kill outside of a designated area would count.

Resistance Mod

I can confirm that this allows you to rack up as many RPs—Resistance Points—as you like, without triggering any forced capture sequences.

You can also rack up the max RPs while still having plenty left to do—in above I still have 18 of 43 missions to complete in Faith's region, and a couple of shrines still to whack.

I have got the Meet Faith mission, which I assume will launch me into her capture fights, which I probably won't bother with.