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Aug 18, 2020
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Hi, i managed to secure a rtx 3080 for 4k gaming.

My plan is to pair it with the ryzen 5800x and a motherboard with pcie 4.0 express slots.

I am looking at what to get for my storage now.

I am a complete lay person when it comes to SSD. However, I have watched some youtube videos where they show loading up of games and it seems that the difference between a mid range and a high end SSD is minimal and comes down to few seconds and sometimes just 1-2 seconds. My understanding is that this applies even if the SSD was pluged into a pcie 4.0.
Am I right in the above assumption?

If so, while I dont have a fixed budget for the SSD, I do not think its prudent to be buying the most expensive or allegedly most fastest SSD if the difference is going to be minimal. Having said that, is it even worth to consider such SSDs for future fool proof?
I am leaning more towards a strategy channeling the difference in cost to a bigger capacity of storage (i.e 2TB).

Also, is it prudent to get 2 SSDs, one for OS and the other for storage as compared to one for OS and a HDD for storage?
I am currently looking at a 2 2TB SSDs. Appreciate any alternatives.

Based on my above specs and my comments, can anyone recommend what they they would the best value for money SSD, while being able to utilise pcie 4.0 support? If the opinion is to go for a high end SSD, I am certainly open to it and appreciate someone could provide explanations for doing so.
Oct 2, 2020
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i currenty run a Samsung evo nvme 256gb OS drive and then normal HDD's for storage (7200rpm) mainly due to cost.
the PC runs round 150gb used, i install all my games on the Hdds

any branded ssd should be good, just look for the read/write speeds and cost, Samung, WD, Corsair, Crucial, Intel etc


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