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  1. Lutfij

    How To Why an SSD is Better for Gaming

    Computer technology advances very quickly and getting the right components for your PC build can seem intimidating. This guide is here to explain why it's time to commit to a solid state drive (SSD) rather than the older technology of mechanical drives. Mechanical Hard Drives A mechanical...
  2. avatar_max85

    SSD recommendation

    Hi, i managed to secure a rtx 3080 for 4k gaming. My plan is to pair it with the ryzen 5800x and a motherboard with pcie 4.0 express slots. I am looking at what to get for my storage now. I am a complete lay person when it comes to SSD. However, I have watched some youtube videos where they...
  3. Biggie

    Mistakes were made, broken ssd?

    I recently upgaded my motherboard and cpu. I was so excited when it all arrived that I dissasembled the whole pc before I backed up the data. I knew that the system wouldnt like seeing a new cpu and a motherboard prbobably resulting in me having to reset the pc and get a new license. So I opened...
  4. P

    Question Changing drives for new PC

    Hey everyone! I might be overcomplicating this issue, but in my reading I haven't recognized any guide I've found as completely applicable to my exact situation, only parts of it, so I figured I'd just ask on here to make sure my plan is solid. I'm about to build a new gaming PC, all the parts...
  5. Miko hP oldie

    HDD + SSD

    Hello, I have an HP ENVY H8-1534 and just bought a Samsung 860 evo SSD. I cloned windows into it and the computer works fine with it but I would like to use both storage devices. My problem is that when I plug in both through the SATA connections it gives me an error saying the pc can’t start...