SQUAD bribing for reviews? Anyone know if true? What is your level of trust in steam reviews in general?

Apr 20, 2024
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Second and third most helpful review (by YEEZY SEASON and Enderminion) (past 30 days) claim bribing for reviews. Any corroboration out there anyone know of? What happens if someone is caught buying reviews?

I feel like steam reviews in general are pretty accurate... but I'm wondering how other people feel, and whether anyone has come across instances/games where you know or wondered if reviews were being bought? (not trying to call any specific game out, just curious how often this things happens)
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Steam reviews can be 'bought' - but it will only work when there are very few reviews. I've heard of more issues happening with Amazon reviews, where people report that the company offers discounts to anyone who leaves a 5 star review.

Buying reviews on social media sounds a lot easier. What happens if they get caught? Nothing. Zip. It's a little like radio in the early days - there are no laws forcing them to reveal their sponsors, so there can be fake reviews and honest reviews people just think are fake.
Most Steam reviews are generally unhelpful anyway ("Gud Game") and something being "Overwhelmingly Positive" or whatever is no indication I'll like a game anyway. The only thing I care about in a Steam review is objective facts: The gameplay is like this, the game doesn't have a save and quit function, etc. Once I've gathered the facts and taken a look at a video to see if the game is for me, I'll buy based on that.

Helldivers 2, I'm sure is fun and has great ratings on Steam, but it doesn't look like my type of game, so I don't bother with it.
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I feel like steam reviews in general are pretty accurate...

I feel the exact opposite. I put 0 trust in steam reviews. Yes im sure some of them are thought out and well versed, but steam reviews never sway my opinion on a game.

As for devs paying for good reviews. I doubt that its going on here in this case but i 100% believe that people do that or devs have their employees use their steam accounts to leave "positive" reviews, i mean, if you make a game wouldnt you be doing that lol.
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