MicroATX mobo and cooling help

May 2, 2024
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I'm building a new pc that I don't want taking up lots of room. I need some help with a mobo, a case, and cooling. I dont need anything fancy just the bare essentials. Here are the parts I have picked so far:

Asus rtx 3080 TUF
Amd ryzen 5 7600x3d
WD SN850x m.2 2tb
32gb ram either G. Skill trident z5 neo or Corsair Vengence

MOBO I would like a microATX mobo. I was looking at the AS Rock B650M Pro RE; it has all I need, but their site doesn't list it as compatible with the 7600x3d(it did have the 7600x, 7 7800x3d, & 9 79503dx) and Im not sure the 3080 will fit.

CASE I don't care what it looks like or any LEDs all I care about is things fit and good airflow.

CPU HEATSINK something good.

Any recommendations? I'd like to keep these 3 pieces under $350 but I can go over if I must.


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