somebody is highjacking my threads

I have just seen a thread with the title..... WHAT GAMES CANT YOU PLAY COS THE SERVERS WERE SHUT.

The person who posted it copied and pasted it almost word for word from an old thread of mine

World of battles by morning star.... a russian multiplay game that was brilliant i spent a lot of money on it simply cos i thought it was worth it then out of the blue they just announced they were shutting the server at the end of that particular year.

Tanki x online another brilliant russian game but as above the company just decided to pull the plug on the server.

Age of mythology , the origonal made by eso/microsoft , they shut the servers at a time when it was really popular , i have the remastered version by another company but hardly anyone uses it.

Footnote ..... Age of mythology is the only pc game i have ever played where the chat seemed to be monitored by either eso or microsoft , i had been online many times when the chatrooms had become very controversial and all of a sudden the screen would go black with a message posted saying ..... due to the content in the chat we are shutting the game and chat down for the rest of the day .... if you have done nothing wrong blame your gaming buddies.

FOOTNOTE the date on my thread that was copy/pasted is 3 years ago

and here is the proof

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this forum really has an excessive number of threads from new accouts, dunno why. sometimes I got several notifications pending, and they all turn out to be some copy-paste a person with 1 post just started.
We get a lot of spam. You don't see it as much anymore as we took steps to avoid a lot of it. Copy/pasters are about only ones that get on.

I suspect a lot of the 1 post threads were from 2020. It was pretty bad back then. 90% of posts made would eventually disappear. People would post X amount of threads thinking they had to to get off a list and then start adding links. Forums were a ghost town for anyone who actually wanted to have a conversation. Much better now.
PCGamer is really the only site about PC gaming where discussions don't eventually lead to nvidia vs amd fanboy dung throwing contest. Guru3D and Techspot/HUB are a circus in this regard, so is TPU. THG is better, but not free of it completely. I'm registered to all, and PCGamer is the only one I visit daily, the rest I see once a month maybe, or even less. We don't see as many posts here, but at least they're better quality.
it can happen but the active population of those other sites is much bigger. The percentage of people going there for just tech related questions/news is much bigger than here. On other Future forums, they way easier to find. Anytime either of them release a new card it repeats again.

The AMD Vs Nvidia poo flinging competition happens here sometimes.
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