Has a game closed that you were using.

After reading Sarafans posting about unreal games i thought .... here we go again , over the years i have lost access to 3 games that at the time i was using almost daily.

1. World of battles morning star .... it was a multi player game that was so good i made quite a lot of micro payment purchases , then out of the blue they announced they were shutting down the servers at the end of that particular year BUT if you wanted to carry on making micro payments for items you could.

2. Tanki X online ...... the second one ....... The makers , not the same company , did the same as the above game.

3. Age of mythology ... the origonal version ..... i must have had many thousands of games on this as i was totally hooked on it. Admittedly the graphics were a bit primative but eventually somebody pulled the plug , i have the discs and and when i tried to use them on a new pc they could not find the server , i have the remake but if i say what i think of it i will get into trouble.


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Sometimes I play multiplayer games, but usually I have a lot of luck. Probably Dungeons & Dragons Online was the game in which I spent the most money. It was roughly 12 years ago and it appears the game is still online after all this time! Usually the biggest threat comes out of MMO games. These can't be played offline in any form, so when the servers close, it's all over. :(


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Except for the screenshots and videos you took!

That's true, but it's not the same. :) You can get a grasp of feeling how the game looks by watching videos from it, but it's still a quite different pair of boots when you actually play it. The truth is however that we would probably never return to most of online games that were shut down. Quite the opposite to watching our own videos from these games.
I was one of the few elite players who were rad enough to play Radical Heights. Game had a lot of potential to get somewhere, unfortunately the development stopped shortly after the early access release. I will always remember the fun times I had doing stunts on my BMX bike in the arena lobby waiting for the next BR match or getting to the final circle and hearing the succulent wording of an 80's Miami Vacuum-Cleaner Salesmen naming the prices.
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Perhaps someday soon some of these closed online games will be brought back, though the big game companies are trying to prevent that:

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Apr 26, 2021
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Well if talking like official closure. I can only say: Battleforge.

If also including any form of not officially, but practically is due to like say neglect and inaction towards cheaters, bots and DDOS or a 3rd party service closing and not bothering to replace (e.g. Gamespy), then the list would be a bit longer.

Irony has it that the one that truly closed is nowadays in a better state than ever due to a fan-revival project, than the games still active, but neglected.


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