Servers closed so i cant play

As you all know i like to think up a new thread topic every weekend so this weekends topic is ....... What games did you like to play but had to stop because they shut the servers.

Here are my offerings

World of battles by morning star.... a russian multiplay game that was brilliant i spent a lot of money on it simply cos i thought it was worth it then out of the blue they just announced they were shutting the server at the end of that particular year.

Tanki x online another brilliant russian game but as above the company just decided to pull the plug on the server.

Age of mythology , the origonal made by eso/microsoft , they shut the servers at a time when it was really popular , i have the remastered version by another company but hardly anyone uses it.

Footnote ..... Age of mythology is the only pc game i have ever played where the chat seemed to be monitored by either eso or microsoft , i had been online many times when the chatrooms had become very controversial and all of a sudden the screen would go black with a message posted saying ..... due to the content in the chat we are shutting the game and chat down for the rest of the day .... if you have done nothing wrong blame your gaming buddies.
Age of Conan - Technically I finished before they closed servers but I would love to run around in it on my new PC. Main reason I stopped was GPU couldn't display some of the areas of the game. Now not so much...

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - same as above, i finished before it went down but I would still love to play it... (was on PS3). Main difference now is my internet speed is so much faster than it was when I played it.


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