What games do you miss and why

I miss guildwars and the origonal age of mythology i used to swap between them

Guildwars and its expansion packs were brilliant , the last time i loaded it up it was a case of spot the player it was empty , i looked forward to gw2 , it was years overdue because the makers said your not getting it till were satisfied with it ...... no early access all those years ago. I saw all the screen shots in magazines and eagerly looked forward to its release ...... what a disappointment , i would describe the figures as cartoony and aimed at young children , as an adult i would have been embarrassed if my pals had seen me playing it.

Age Of Mythology the first version by eso/microsoft ...... no exaggeration when i say i must have had thousands of battles on it , its the only game i have ever used where the chat was monitored and i had been online when chat got out of hand and a message would appear saying ...... due to chat content we are close the server down for the rest of the day ..... then the screen would go black , sounds odd but if you had it you know i am telling the truth. I got the remastered version made by a different company on the day of its release and if i say what i think of it i will probably get banned from this site.

FOOTNOTE .... One day when i logged into the first Guildwars the main chat was full of players saying things like my pc is doing weird things ..... it was obvious that something odd was happening so i decided i had better log out ...... i was within touching distance of the mouse and my pc died. It turned out that somebody hit the server and everyone online with a dos attack , all i know is that back at my desktop i could not make anything work so i had to reboot it to factory settings
The game I miss the most is World's Adrift. You used a really clever tool to design an air ship and built it with resources you'd gathered from various places (from the many floating islands). All of the resources had a value attached to them, like you could have Tin 3 or Tin 8, and the higher the value, the better the resource. Tin was very light, but weak. It was plentiful. Things like aluminum and titanium were more rare.

But after you built the frame of your ship, you could put armor on it, wings, engines, canons, etc. You had a currency that you gained from doing different things, and when you got to 100, you could buy a random blueprint from one of those categories. I concentrated on wings and engines, and my son concentrated only on canons. I absolutely loved opening a new blueprint to see how good the piece was. Once you got a blueprint, you could build that part forever.

Most of the world was PvE, but the best materials could only be had in one area that was PvP. Naturally, griefer pirates used to camp in that area and try to get you as you came through. The thing about them, though, was that they were constantly having to repair or even completely rebuild their ships, and getting good materials was hard. They were still successful most of the time, though, because most people went into the PvP area alone for some reason. So we formed a guild to protect people from the pirates. Our ships were made from high grade titanium and we had the best engines and canons, and we would just completely annihilate the griefer pirates. It was probably the most fun I've ever had in a game. Nothing is sweeter than a griefer's tears.

There was more to the game than that, but those were the main parts. Unfortunately, the developers weren't committed to it, were slow to update the game, and let the game just go downhill until finally hardly anyone was playing. Then, of course, they closed it down. It was a sad day for us.
I miss experiencing The Wrath of the Lich King for the first time and doing the Icecrown Citadel 25man raid instance. It was the best expansion in WoW and was a lot of fun to play. Experiencing playing Duke Nukem 3D against my childhood friends over coax cable was a lot of fun. I was really good at the game, so they would always team up against me and get pretty frustrated when I killed them anyway. I knew all the secrets, how to move correctly, and of course how to trash-talk.
The golden age of RTS '95-'05 for sure, eased recently by the C&C Remaster. C&C 2 & 3, Red Alert 2 & 3, C&C Generals, Dark Reign 1 & 2, Total Annihilation—all games where the campaigns and skirmish provided great gameplay for thousands of hours.

That was the era of full video cutscenes with some name actors like James Earl Jones, Jennifer Morrison, JK Simmons, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Biehn, Michael Ironside, Peter Stormare, Tim Curry etc.

The Operative: No One Lives Forever—Cate Archer, the female James Bond or perhaps the gaming equivalent of Emma Peel. It captured the 60s vibe with charm and humor, in addition to being a great game—the highlight being all the unique disguised gadgets Cate had access to.

Lemmings! Gaming's challengers to the Smurfs for BBB—Best Blue Being :D
Loved those little guys doing their damndest to walk off the nearest cliff, excellent puzzle game which required dexterity as well as figuring out possible solutions.
i just remembered 2 more i miss , the second version of tanki x and world of battles , both online games , both were russian ..... dont say it ....... they were owned by different companies and out of the blue they posted on the log in pages the servers were being shut
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@Brian Boru Lemmings and Worms Armageddon was the **** back then!:) Never got to try out that female James Bond game, hope to do it someday though. Had a friend in high school who was really good at Red Alert. He had a pretty high rank and was just impossible to beat. While I was building my first building, he was roaming around with scouts, finding my base, and then a couple of minutes later he would be there with his tanks. He did sell me a fake Rolex once, so would not surprise me if he also cheated in the game :D
would not surprise me if he also cheated in the game
Yeah, back then was what poisoned multiplayer for me:
Littered with cheats;
Smart alec kids—last thing I wanted to deal while trying to have fun after a day at work;
Rush tactics like you describe in RTS—the S is for Strategy, not Six-minute 'game'.

That's the endemic stuff. Add on the difficulties of getting a reliable connection back then, and the likelihood of being lobbed into a big mismatch game…
I don't play MMOs or any type of online play in games, I'm just into the single player experience a game can provide. If I miss playing a certain older game, I'll just reinstall it, as I've been fortunate enough to be able to repurchase many of my older library in digital format (GOG is especially good for that). Also, several of those older games have remasters or enhanced editions.

But some of those really old ones, while you can technically get them to run, are just so visually dated that I find it impossible to really get into the gameplay. The early Ultima games fall into that category. Specifically, Ultima's 4-7.5 (7.5 also being known as Serpent Isle) and Ultima Underworld. I could throw Crusader No Remorse into that grouping also. All great games from that time period, they just don't hold up well visually on today's hardware.