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I didn't win today's, but it was a lot of fun, and relevant to our subject matter.

#Plurality Survey 168
Score: 36.4%
Guesses to win: N/A
Guesses total: 30

SuperMarioBrothers and CallOfDuty got nil points? Its the annoying thing about this game, it relies on people all typing things the same way, or it thinks they are separate responses.
Do you know what was #1—I have a need to kick myself :)
I missed 1 & 7 of the top 10.

#Plurality Survey 168
Score: 44.1%
Guesses to win: N/A
Guesses total: 30
No, I didn't get it, and it kind of ticked me off. The subject was game franchises, and the number one answer was a game company, not a franchise. I think people tend to see the survey picture and type whatever they see in the picture. I thought about typing that, but then decided, no, that's not what the survey is about. Then it ended up being #1.
Everything I typed got jack all, I did get
Mario and COD
, but of course
got near 0 and
got a fair few. Couldnt be bothered to make an account to see what the top ten was. Dumb if the top answer was Nintendo, surveys need some moderation.

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