I didn't see a way to share your results, but this game is pretty interesting. Every day, they have results from a survey where the answers are one word answers. Maybe a survey got like 5000 responses, and you have a certain number of guesses to get up to 60% of the responses. You can do past ones, too. It's pretty cool.

Edit: Haha. Just found out you actually have to beat 60% for them to give you the option to share your score. Here's one from a few days ago, which was my first time to beat 60%.

#Plurality Survey 11
Score: 74.0%
Guesses to win: 6
Guesses total: 6

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I kind of messed up. I was expecting a parade or something, but I kept guessing long after I hit 60 and never did see the option to share your results. I was about to google programming languages because I couldn't think of anymore. Pure genius.
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I didn't do well on the boss one. And even though I did well on the programming languages one, I was surprised at how many responses there were that had nothing to do with programming.
#Plurality Survey 29
Score: 43.2%
Guesses to win: N/A
Guesses total: 20

I got the top 2 and the #5, but it seems you really need to find most of the top 10 if you want to get to 60%
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#Plurality Survey 30
Score: 60.4%
Guesses to win: 15
Guesses total: 15

I got 1-2-3-5-6-8 of top 10.

Have I got this right, that we're guessing what general public answered to a survey? I thought it was some curated list or survey of experts…
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#Plurality Survey 33
Score: 60.1%
Guesses to win: 17
Guesses total: 17

I missed #3 on this one.

My guesses:
1. Hippo 912
2. Mosquito 858
4. Snake 653
5. Lion 648
6. Tiger 539
7. Shark 451
8. Bear 308
11. Spider 147
15. Elephant 80
20. Polarbear 47
21. Scorpion 44
22. Orca 43
25. Gorilla 39
27. Cow 30
28. Wolf 28
77. Rat 7
142. Boar 2
#Plurality Survey 40
Score: 60.5%
Guesses to win: 3
Guesses total: 3

This one was particularly easy.

So… 190 picked Hawk, but nobody picked Hawking?
They normalize the entries, so that all verb conjugations get lumped together. Apparently they don't turn that off for polls where verbs wouldn't make sense as answers.
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