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#Plurality Survey 50
Score: 65.6%
Guesses to win: 15
Guesses total: 15

I thought of romantic places first, so I started with Paris and Venice before guessing restaurant.

I was still missing 7 and 8 of the top 10.

1. Restaurant1.1k
2. Movie399
3. Beach323
4. Dinner301
5. Park239
6. Cinema190
9. Coffee113
10. Picnic92
#Plurality Survey 52
Score: 65.4%
Guesses to win: 5
Guesses total: 5

I was stupid.
My first guess was what I honestly thought was the correct answer, and when I saw how few people chose that decade I realized that everyone answered a very recent decade. That's human nature. If you asked people who the top 5 US presidents were, Biden and Trump would probably make the list.

And I don't know what the answers were for the easiest pet to take care of, but the correct answer from the pets I've had is a turtle. When my kids were little, they picked up a box turtle and brought it in the house. I had an old 100 gallon aquarium that I wasn't using, so I went to Home Depot and bought some dirt and dumped it in and stuck a pan down in the dirt to where the top was level and filled it with water, then I went to Walmart and bought some worms (fish bait) and dumped them in. It was like an episode of National Geographic. Winky the Turtle moved as quickly as he could, stood on top of the pile of worms and started ripping them to shreds. There were way too many worms in there for him to eat, but I didn't know how long they would last him, so I just dumped another thing of worms in every other week and refilled the water.

We kept Winky the Turtle for a couple of years until my kids lost him. They took him out in the yard to play, didn't pay careful attention, and he made a successful escape. I can't tell you how long I wandered around the yard looking for that turtle. I wasn't necessarily going to bring him back even if I found him. I was just curious where he had run to. I like to remind my children occasionally that they are probably some of the very few people who have ever lost a turtle.
The question was about the best date and I think a lot of people still consider Paris as very romantic. I assume they ignore the logistics and finances of actually going there in their answer.
I just went back to double check. It was about the best place to take a first date. I still think planning a first date to Paris is nuts. Not too nuts, though, because I did guess that just to see if it would come up.

And I don't know what the answers were for the easiest pet to take care of, but the correct answer from the pets I've had is a turtle.
If I remember correctly, it was in the top 10 or 15. It was definitely a viable answer.
1 Fish
2 Cat
3 Dog
The number one answer there is ridiculous. Goldfish can live up to 40 years. A novice goes into a fish store and buys one for a new tank and it will be very lucky to live a full month. I guess it's easy if you don't care whether they die or not. You only had to walk by once or twice a day and drop some food in. I would suggest the fish wouldn't agree with this scoring method.
#Plurality Survey 53
Score: 60.4%
Guesses to win: 23
Guesses total: 23

This was beyond stupid. I got the top seven results very quickly and had to nickel and dime my way through a ton of low score guesses to get to the end.

#Plurality Survey 53
Score: 61.4%
Guesses to win: 20
Guesses total: 20

#6 was my very last guess and #3 was embarrassingly late too.

I had already guessed computer and PC.


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