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  1. GreyGrizzly

    Intel Core i9-10850K

    Is the Intel Core i9-10850K Comet Lake 3.6GHz Ten-Core LGA 1200 Boxed Processor worth it for $320? I think it’s normally $400.
  2. S

    PC Build Upgrade - Help Needed

    Hi All! Need some advice. Currently looking to upgrade parts of my rigg just to keep up with current/future gens. Needs: Micro ATX Board to fit case (i want to keep current case) and have tjhe ability to potentialy upgrade to 30 series GPU in the future. Processor: dont mind if Intel or Ryzen...
  3. mrxlfred

    Question I5 - 6400 only allowing me to use 1 core

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if anyone has actually encountered this before. But, here's the thing. I'm currently using I5-6400 (i'm only specifying this part because this is probably the only important one) which is supposed to have 4 cores. However, ever since this desktop was repaired. It has...
  4. beardboy

    Is intel's integrated Iris plus 645 1536 MB much better than the Iris 6100 1536 MB

    Im just trying to compare integrated GPUs to see if the new Macbook can really do much more than my current 2015.
  5. Ft_albrt

    Question i5 9600kf or AMD 5 3600 ?

    i have : GPU : 1660 super SSD : Crucial p1 1Tb RAM : Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 16GB (2x8GB) And now, should i get the i5 9600kf or the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ? And wich wifi motherboard should i choose ? My budget is around 1000$USD (1300$CAD) Thank you :)
  6. Apollo

    How do I get Minecraft to run on a low end PC?

    Trying to get Minecraft Java Edition to run on: Intel i5 2500s Intel HD 2000 16gb Ram (dont ask me why my stepdad wanted that much)